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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

All is Fun and Games in Missionary Work

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Hey fam how's it goin! I don't have many updates, all is going well. It's windy today. We talked to 1000 people this month and  there's a place that sells canolees --wait, back up, that's right--WE TALKED TO 1,000 PEOPLE THIS MONTH!!!!!!

I'm a little short on time today because we have a lot of plans and things to do, and I'm also working on scholarships and BYU housing and classes and such.

It's been a crazy week but not too busy. A wonderful family we were teaching and they were planning baptisms, changed plans and we haven't been able to connect. I hope they are all right.

We stopped by and visited with a lady who has gone back to her Catholicism. It was quite emotional testifying--and she gave us brownies. There's people out there still ready to receive us and we'll be looking.

Let me share with you what I've learned this week: Don't lose yourself in the little things.


Con carino, Hermana Day

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