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Thursday, January 28, 2016

62 days!

Making Papusas!
Star Wars! It'll be out when I get home, right?

Russian Chocolate from Armenian contacts.

Pday games with our animal blankets.

15 yr old sketch of Sister Day
Hey familia!

Familia "Al" may be getting baptized this Sunday. I love those kidddos and family soooo much! Long story short, they actually are in the Burbank ward boundaries but we have been having appointments with them. Miscommunication is difficult to deal with sometimes, but I'm learning to work through it when it happens. I am just so very happy for them!

Oh so this is strange, but I want to paint a fence. Like in videos showing missionaries performing service, there are always some painting a fence! I want to paint a fence! Guess what? We have a time this Saturday. To. Paint. A. Fence. I'm stoked!

Our investigator "D" is so incredible! She is so excited for her baptism! She has a quite a store of being prepared- the other night when we taught the Word of Wisdom, she said, "Phaw, smoking! I stopped smoking weeks ago when I realized that it only made my cold and asthma worse!"
Then we mentioned cafe (coffee) mandamiento. She says,   "Ha. I found out the other month that coffee is bad for my arthritis, so I haven't had a cup since. I never drink it anyway." 

WOW!!  So prepared! The lord truly does place the elect and prepare people who are sooo ready and willing to receive the gospel into your path! 

Oh! Almost forgot! We had a world-wide missionary training broadcast the other day and we got to do it with the whole mission. It was fun! We learned about teaching repentance and baptizing converts. With some more studies and experiences, we're all going to be rock star missionaries soon enough! This work is hastening!

I love missionary work and am so thankful for this opportunity to be serving a mission---it's seriously the greatest thing that has happened in my life yet.

I was thinking about the night before I left on my mission, and how crazy emotional I was and how fearful I was of the unknown. It about paralyzed me. I was crying on your shoulder, Mom! I now look back and realize that I am having in the greatest moments of my life yet. I can conquer doubt and fear, put my faith first, lean on and trust the Lord. Then it hit me that the future holds even better life moments as I move forward faithfully. New doors and opportunities will open to me.

Love you all! Have an amazing week! Big hugs!

Con carino,  Hermana Day

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Talking and Teaching

Hermanas Day and Nelson FUN

Destiny and Yaretzi

Beautiful Sunset
Hey familia! Les quiero! 

It's been a super good week and we've been working milagros and seeing a lot of success!

We talked to 310 people this week! THAT'S NOT NORMAL! Literally, think about it. We talk to random people on the street and at their doors and ask them to hear about a message of God and we tell them that God loves them and that there's another testament of His teachings. We did that, at least, 310 times.

In my mission we call this "OYMing" --Opening Your Mouth. We talk to everyone that we see and share this blessing of the gospel that we have! I'd have to say, it's the toughest thing in the world. Talking to people you don't know. . . I've come to the conclusion that missionaries are sometimes crazy! And we definitely couldn't do this without the help of the Lord!

We have a family now, the "Al" family (a mom, dad, and 2 little girls ages 11 and 10 ... hey, remind you of someones? ;) They're planning to be baptized on the 31st of the month! We are so excited for them! We got to show them the baptism pila the other day and the girls are so excited! On Sunday we translate the talks from Spanish to English so that the girls understand  #secondgenerationthings.  

We also got to see D again, the investigator that Hermana Nelson and I found on her first day – she is preparing to be baptized the 7th of February. :) SO EXCITING! These are the moments that matter most--seeing others come onto Christ—it is the greatest thing in the world!

I love you all tons and tons! Have an amazing week and enjoy the weather! 

Con carino, Hermana Day

P.S. There's a super amazing food stand on Kittridge and Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood that sells the most amazing quesadillas in the whole world. One day we shall go. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

74 days until I return

Yoda, I am

Fooled you? Mom knows this isn't a real mouse

Hermanas Nelson and Day

Hermanas William and day
Hey familia!

Yo decidé escribirles en espanol tambien para que sepan que pudeo hacerlo. Creo que, por ahorita, puedo hablar mas mejor de mi hermano. Se vale! Para compartir mi testimonio, solo quiero decirles que sé que este evangelio es verdadero y es un gran milagro tenerlo en nuestras vidas! 

I want snow! This week, we woke up, and there was SNOW ON THE MOUNTAINS on the horizan! It was insane! I want more!

We are so very thankful that the wonderful "Al" family came to church! As well, we talked to another 250 people and taught over 13 lessons! We got to see and support "J" and we sipped some herbal tea and talked about how God really does exist. These are moments that I will never forget.

We've been studying like crazy and really taking advantage of our time to invite people to get to their Savior. Plus, we even got to make apple crisp, it was delicious!

I love you all! Have an amazing week!

con carino, hermana day 

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Happy 2016!

No caption needed. Kool Bus.

New Comp, Hermana Nelson

For you Mom

Super fun

I am glad it is finally getting cold out there! I secretly hope to come home to a huge pile of snow and just jumping in it will be the first thing I do! After hugging everyone of course ;)

I'm sorry that school started again, but just remember that every day is what you make it. I remember Mom would always yell out the door as we walked out, "Make it a good day!" and well, she's right! If we leave the house with our armor of God on (from prayer and scripture study) a smile on our face, it will all work out and we'll see the good in the day. 

I feel like I have definitely learned that as a missionary. There are things that happen around us that we cannot control. But when we do all that we are capable of doing, fervently pray, study, fast, and do our part and use our gifts that Lord gives us -- then everything turns out just the way it needs to be and was planned to be. We are blessed with the gift of the Holy Spirit to be with us to guide and comfort us, as well as blessed with amazing family and friends. 

"As we move forward into the future with quiet confidence, His Spirit will be with us. There is no end to His power to bless and direct the lives of those who seek truth and righteousness." -President Packer

I got a new companion, she is super new and right off the plane from the Mexico MTC and she's the Hilarious, laughs at jokes, works all day every day every second of the day! This past week together we talked to 300 PEOPLE! Talk about amazing! She's super styling and she bought a rice cooker, so we've got some good lunches in store for us. She teaches like a boss and already knows Spanish, so this transfer is going to kill it! We're ready to work miracles and find the people the Lord has been preparing!

We had a lot of other lessons, new investigators, and members to serve. People came to church, we stopped by an antiguo and SHE HAS A BAPTISM date!  For January 24th and she is amazing! Missionary work seriously is the best! Love you all tons!

con carino, hermana day