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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adventures of a Spanish Speaking Redhead

Hola, buenos!

Burbank is super awesome! There are palm trees, GIANT palm trees, EVERYWHERE and it's super pretty! There's also cactuses and fruit trees (the members let us just pick oranges and lemons and guavas right off their trees and take them with us!) and there's building everywhere haha and lots and lots of cars! Also, in our area, we have Nickelodeon (hey,  drake & josh was filmed in my proselyting areas!!!) along with Universal Studios and Walt Disney (we saw Frozen characters walking down the street the other day haha) and it's super fun! They also have some really strange fast food places, one is called Pollo Loco (yes Crazy Chicken) and it's all Latino foods in fast food form! Also, yes, I still have hot chocolate in the mornings even though it's always sunny and warm outside over here :) It's weird, but my mission area feels like another little home to me! :) It's pretty fun :)

I had a member meal my first night with an awesome family, the Ramirez Family, I love them so much already!  The minute I walked through the door, the youngest daughter started combing through my hair with her fingers shouting at how pretty it was and said I looked like the girl from Brave haha :) I have now gotten that 4 more times! :) It's pretty fun because like no one here has seen such orange hair I guess, so it gets attention haha :) Also, we got to teach a spiritual thought that night for their FHE and so I bore my testimony in Spanish and shared a scripture and the little boy, in the middle of me reading it, is like "wow you sound like a real Mexican! Where are you from?" it was so funny The family was very surprised when I said it was my first day and I had literally just been picked up from the airport that afternoon haha :)

Contacting for me has been the weirdest part of being out in the field! It's just a strange concept to me to talk to all these random people on the street, but it's fun and I'm getting better at it!

All the properties are gated up here, so we wait until someone opens it for us, it's really weird actually but it's so that people's stuff is kept safe or something like that

 I saw a guy riding a bike with a boombox, yes a legit double-d battery boombox, with rap music. it kinda made my day.

On second day I accidentally lost my name tag, it had dropped on the sidewalk, but we found it again haha what are the chances?

There's this weird food that is literally corn on the cob, rolled in MAYO, and then topped with chili powder. I have yet to try it but my comp eats it all the time!

There's also a food truck that goes around selling food out of the back, the trucks have a distinct little honking rhythm and then people just run out and buy the stuff. it's fun to see!

Last night we talked to some guys in Spanish (18, 19 ish) at the end of their driveway and while we were talking to them, another one joined us and we got return citas (appointments) with them (two are on Thanksgiving) and we're super excited to teach them! Pretty excited, the discussion will definitely be interesting! Especially when we tell them we have to teach outside because we can't go into houses unless there's other girls there (for some reason, the investigators never understand that rule and the importance of it.

 Also, I've had some pretty fun experiences just knocking on doors and getting citas! We have one this week where I'm' going to help them learn English and they're going to help me with my Spanish! Awesome.  Also, we meet a lot of Armenians so we learned some phrases in Armenian!

The food I've had here isn't too bad! The first night we had tostada and some veggies and meat and such with chili sauce and that was actually REALLY GOOD (I am very hungry as a missionary haha)! Yesterday we had some soup with potatoes and meat and it was super filling and good too! Desserts are usually fruit and they have some really good homemade guava juice!!! ITS THE BEST!!!! What isn't so cool is cantaloupe juice, it was not the best. In fact, we went to a ward party (and it was tons of fun!) That's where I first tried cantaloupe juice. Then I saw a cup that looked like root beer, but it wasn't, but it was better than the cantaloupe juice and later I found it was a rice juice with a little bit of cinnamon, it was actually really delicious and apparently it takes a few days just to make! They also put chili powder in everything, including potatoes. I'm excited for thanksgiving meal with the member families! We have a lot of people from Guatemala and El Salvador and Mexico, those are just the people I've met! We also teach Sunday School, it's a small ward haha :)

I'm learning so much and I know without a doubt that this is the Church of Jesus Christ and that these true doctrines of Christ were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith and that we still have these correct doctrines today! The book of Mormon is amazing please read it every day! There are so many blessings and so much to learn! Always remember all that the Savior has done for you and remember that He truly understands you and knows how you're feeling and knows how to lift you up again! Also, being a missionary is awesome! :) 

Lots of love,

Hermana Day

Monday, November 10, 2014

Hunger Games and David Archuleta


The MTC is great!  At main campus they have "announcements" at the end of the day that make it sound like we're in the Hunger Games as they list off the names of missionaries, no joke

I'm on Main Campus now and it's a little strange how different thing are but I was sure blessed with West Campus and it's not toooo bad here :) My district all left on Monday--they're doing great! It's so nice to be keeping in touch with them! Also, Hermana Woods found out that my first transfer is going to be in BURBANK!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! :) :) :)  

I was bumped up to an intermediate Spanish class, with a new district and a new zone....IT'S BEEN AWESOME :) I have been SOOOOO blessed! 

My new companions, and the only Sisters in our Zone, are Hermana Strong (from California, just barely east of my mission!) and Hermana Jackson (from Utah) and they are so sweet! Hermana Jackson is quiet but she's amazing at Spanish! Hermana Strong (Fuerte en espanol) is supes good at Spanish too and she's really nice too  

Also, the branch presidency is super awesome and we're allowed to high five and fist bump elders here, YESSSSS! Also, as for Spanish, I can understand A LOT but speaking takes a little more time because sometimes I just like to speak fast but need to work on pronunciation (hmmm just like in English hahaha). whole district LOOOOOOOOVES to sing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, they've convinced me my voice isn't terrible and I'm allowed to sing with them. They're auditioning for a devotional this week--or, I should say, WE are! Ah! Anyway, music IS amazing! For choir this week we're singing Praise to the Man, one of my favorite hymns ever!!! I can't wait to see who is coming! Because it's practically holiday season, awesome people are expected! For Relief society we had the YW General President! She's awesome! :)

The Elders have been teaching...wait for it...DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the other day, they hid him in the corner of the room so people couldn't see him, but my hermanas and i waited for our prey--i mean, our room to open up, and it happened to be by the room the Elders were teaching David Archuleta in and when they shook hands WE MADE EYE CONTACT WITH DAVID ARCHULETA AND HE WAVED AT US!!!!!!!!!!! So go check out his Glorious video from "Meet the Mormons" on youtube because it gives me chills and it so amazing, and remember that I made eye contact with him and we're practically best friends now! 

Thank you for all the emails and dear elders! I now have JSH memorized and am working on D&C 4 and I'm reading so much of my Spanish Book of Mormon everyday, it's awesome! I love these wonderful opportunities, these wonderful people, and this wonderful spirit that the Lord has blessed me with here!

LOVE YOU ALL! The Lord loves us so much

Love from,

Hermana Day :) 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Muchos Gracias!

Muchos Gracias for sending me mail!

You can still send a letter from DearElder (see sidebar for link), which will be printed out and delivered to my mailbox, or to my Email address, or there's always Snail Mail as well.  Thank you family and friends!

Here's my new address:

Hermana Rebekah Day
Nov 17 CA-SFER
2005 N 900 E, Unit 101
Provo, Utah 84604

Saturday, November 1, 2014

The Day We Moved to Main Campus

So I've caught "the plauge" of course, right after it passes through my district. I have a sore throat, nasty cough, headache, and naseau, pero ayer I took a lot of naps and had dayquil and so last night i also took companera took nyquil also to sleep off the rest of her flu and we accidentally slept through our alarms this morning (both went off from 5:45-7 a.m. and we didn't even notice I guess) and so we totally slept through breakfast and through the west campus cafeteria picture (opps, we were really disappointed we missed that one) and we quickly ran to do our laundry. We finished packing and cleaning, made it just in time for the final west campus photo, and then took our wet clothes from laundry and shoved them in our suitcases because the buses were about to leave. We very chaotically were moved to the main campus, where we took our suitcases to our dorms. H. Woods and I share a whole dorm room of 6 bunk beds to ourself, so that's pretty dulce (sweet). Right now we're just living out of our suitcases because H. Woods leaves for California early Monday morning (yay for daylight savings time!) and then I'll be moved to another zone for the next few weeks here so that I can be in an intermediate Spanish class.  I don't get to keep my iPad and Elearn, aw man!) Anyway, it's all changing and going by so fast and oh my goodness! But I'm taking everything as it comes and trying to enjoy every moment! :)

 So, ayer (yesterday) was devotional and the General Primary President, Sister Wixom, came! How awesome is that! She gave an AMAZING talk that really lifted my spirit! Her topic was "What Think Thee of Christ?" 

Here are some scriptures she shared that I really like:  

Philippians 4:13 "I can do all thigns through Christ which strengtheneth me"

2 Nephi 22:2 "Behold, God is my Salvation; I will trust, and not be afraid; for the Lord Jehovah is my strength and my song; he also has become my salvation"

Also, we sang "I belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints" and it made me tear up because it just sent me back to the basics and I believe in the Savior Jesus Chrsit and His truth I will proclaim! Because of Him I can find strength beyond my own! He is always with us, on our right hand and our our left. He lifts us up and bears our burdens. Because of Him, we can have happiness and we can have love in our lives. The Lord has a plan for each and every one of us and He knows what He is doing. He loves us all so much and will bless us constantly and beyond our imagination when we do what He asks us to do and when we strive to follow Him. 

I love you all so much! I hope you have a good week! 

<3 Hermana Day