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Monday, September 28, 2015


Hola Hola Familia!

This week was pretty awesome and missionary work sure is amazing! In all honesty, this day has been crazy so it's going to be a quick email, lo siento!! But there has been some amazing miracles here in the area and the Spirit been touching hearts and preparing people!

The COOLEST miracle happend this week with the lovely Orellana family that I loooove sooooo much!! As we went by for a cena, Hno was home as well and had made dinner for us! We ate with them as a family and shared our message afterwards. We shared Mosiah 2:41 and the importance of obedience in our lives and the blessings eternally as a family. We had a testimony meeting and Hno even joined in! Over the past few months I've been here, his heart has truly been softened and he is ready to listen to the this gospel and see the blessings come and recognize the spirit! We haven't been able to figure out a way to get him to make commitments but we have been super studious and persistent and bold and full of love. We invited the family to the visitor's center. Hno chose a day...YESTERDAY! And guess what?  WE ALL WENT!! They drove us down to the visitors center, we toured and watched videos and learned about the temple and the gospel importance in families, and walked around the temple grounds. It was one of the most amazing things in the world yet in my mission! It was heart-touching and I can't stop smiling. I just love them so much and I can't even imagine the Love the Lord has for them!

Anyway, it was a great week talking with everyone, teaching, playing the piano, and making tons of plans! Love you all so much and many hugs!

Con carino,

Hermana Day

Monday, September 21, 2015

My Year Mark and Pushing Shopping Carts!

Ashley's Birthday

Dinosaur Cactus Farm

Hermana Ramirez' Mom

H Ramirez' Mom teaching us to make tortillas!

Hola Hola Familia y Amigos! 

Last week was pretty sweet! This Thursday marks my year mark! It has been such a wonderful adventure!

For service this week we did a few different things, one area we served in let me have some gluten free food! I was so thankful for that! Another service we did was push a shopping cart from Costco to someone's home--- it was so hot and we got real sweaty--- but it was so worth it! Nothing feels as good as helping others!

We got to celebrate a sweet girl's birthday!  :) She is as cute as ever! 

This week I also got to learn how to make tortillas! Wooo! Be ready family, the greatest meals ever are coming home with me! :) Hno. Ramirez's mother who is visiting from Guatemala taught us how to make them the other day and we are so thankful she did!

With exchanges, I got to spend a day in the Spanish Young Single Adult area and it was tons of fun! We had two dinners--pupusas, and ice cream--and we got to stop by and visit with a super awesome guy. He's super cool and on Sunday we all did a fast together!

I've decided from the moment I get home I'm going to practice, practice, practice tennis and then the second Christopher gets home I'll challenge him and he'll have to accept, and that will be the ONE time in my whole life that I will ever beat him (and it's happening!)

I loooove Scorch Trials! (I read the book before my mission.) I know a lot of other missionaries who do as well and it's been fun talking about it and it's good to hear the movie was good even though it didn't follow the story line. Sooooo excited!!!!!

I'm reading "Jesus the Christ", in English AND Spanish, it's the coolest thing EVER!

I love you all lots and lots and I know that this gospel is true! Big hugs to all!

Con carino,

Hermana Day

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Still Biking in California!

Pday at Cheesecake Factory!

It's been a hot week, but I've learned a lot; some things include:

Never go to Wingstop, even though there's 60 cent chicken wings, it's not worth it.

It IS worth it to play beach volleyball in the hot sand.

My year mark is NEXT WEEK, WHAT!?

Apparently there's these gross snot draining things for when someone has a cold, it's called a netty pot. I biked one all the way up to the hermanas the other day. It was a long ride....

We had a scripture class buuuuuuuuut it was never announced so it didn't actually happen

We had a stake activity this week and got to see all these differently styles and dances of different cultures from south america :) it was awesome! "el salvadoranians, que lindos son!"

Anyway, the summary of this week is, boy am I blessed to know how to use my time wisely as a missionary and to know how to do my best every day! I've been studying about my purpose as a missionary and how planning and goal setting are actions of our faith. 

A quote I really liked:

"Dedicated missionary service returns a dividend of eternal joy which extends throughout mortality and into eternity" - President Monson

I've never seen so many blessings and miracles surrounding diligent, tough work. I don't' know exactly how I got here, but i know it's because of God's love for me, for the angels walking beside me, and for my parents. And I am eternally grateful for this miraculous mission that I am on ♥"

I love this work and this gospel and I know that it is true! I love you all lots! Have an amazing week! 

Con carino,

Hermana Day

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Embrace God's Grace

Mustaches with Angie

Visiting Seventy General Authority

Hermana Orellana, Angie's Mom

Beautiful Day for Angie; Orellana Family, Hermana Day and Barfuss
September 7, 2015

Hola Hola a todos!

First off, it was only over 100 degrees ONCE this week, so we were able to bike around nice and cool-ey in 95 degree weather. Autumn is coming to Cali!

I found an amazing scripture in Isaiah this week that really touched my heart and described the promises/blessings that come from putting our all into this work. 

"The work of righteousness shall be peace, and the effect of righteousness quietness, and the assurance (footnote to hope) forever" -Isaiah 32:17
I know that what we are doing as servants of God is the works of righteousness. Since I've read this scripture, it always comes to my mind when I feel stressed or like nothing is happening. Peace. Quietness. Assurance forever. Surely this is righteousness in all aspects of our work and examples, and surely this is touching the lives of others. We want this for all!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 

Con carino,

Hermana Day​

September 2, 2015

Wooooo! Quite the week! 
Last week, on Tuesday, I went to a meeting for Sister training leaders. I get to drive the car when we go to these meetings....oh boy do I love the sweet air conditioning in my face when it gets to hot! Later that day still got to bike around and knock on doors in the area :) ...then I hit a screw. again. and the tube popped. again. shout out to Target and $6 tubes . . . again. 
A General Authority from the 70 came this weekend, Elder and Sister Hamula. There was a stake fireside with him on Sunday, an all day conference as a mission on Monday, and we had MLC (Mission Leadership Counsel) yesterday with him as well! He gave us some AMAZING trainings.
He spoke a LOT about faith, revelation, grace, trust, and the power of God. It was an amazing session! I practically have a full notebook of notes from the Spirit! Here are some amazing quotes and thoughts from the time we had to learn from a fellow disciple of God and a true witness of His Restoration!:
-Trust what comes to you. It shall come! 
-Our Heavenly Father lets us make decisions. He will confirm the righteous ways.
-We are the VERY best that our Heavenly Father has. We are here in faith.
-Grace is the power to BE and DO what we cannot be and do on our own  *see D&C 124:1, "God gave me grace to fulfill my duty"
-When you act, act prayerfully, it is all right with the Lord
One more quote that I absolutely LOVED, just think of if being said with such power of spirit! 
"Oh my word. If you could see. If we could part the curtains. You would drop to your knees weeping -- seeing your glory then. Seeing your glory now. and next."
What an amazing conference! What an amazing work of the Lord! We see miracles and blessings everyday and I am so grateful to be a part of this missionary work at this time and here in the wonderful San Fernando valley :) 

Anyway, this week was awesome. Tiring, and full of work, but amazing!
I love you all lots and lots and wish you all an amazing new school year :) Haz lo justo!
Con carino,
Hermana Day