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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Time

Visitors from HOME!

Hermana Kim gave this pretty gift

Hermana Umana let us Skype from her home

At the Visitor's Center

My shoes are so battered! (No worries- a sweet Hermana gifted me a new pair!)
Hey guess what?! The H family from home surprised visited me at church on Sunday and brought me some candy! I loooove the candy!  I also loved the hug from Sister H—it's so nice to see someone from home!

I can't believe it's COLDER HERE than it is over at home! What are the chances! Hopefully this means there will be snow in March, I want to see and touch snow soooo badly! 

It was SO NICE to see you on Skype! This week we went to a lot of dinners, parties, and out caroling. I am not being transferred but will remain training through my last two transfers! SUPER EXCITED :) I do get a new companion this week, Hermana B is going over to the YSA area.

This week, I learned a lot about the atonement of Christ and the importance of a Savior.

"Most of my life I've seen the atonement for its general characteristics and the physical suffering and then Resurrection of Christ. Over the years I tied it in to spirituality, understanding that Christ really does understand everything we go through, and He knows how to help. Obviously, he is the Son of God and only He could do so. And He did so because it was part of the Plan and because of His love for us. He provides a way -- the way -- for us to return to the presence of God. Doing so fulfills justice because the Son of God, a perfect and innocent man, was despised, rejected, and crucified for doing no wrong. He can be our Advocate and, with His power of mercy and grace, take the stand for us. Through all, we do our parts and strive to keep the commandments. We accept His Plan of Salvation, His Plan of Happiness.

Heavenly Father sent us here to succeed. He sent us here to learn and progress. He sent us here knowing His full plan. He provided a Savior and Redeemer, and guidance and teachings of how we can one day return to His presence and become like Him. To become perfect like Him.

But here we are, on earth, with body and spirit trying to be one and constantly failing. We're often weak, dumb, rude, prideful, and far from perfect. Every day we do something wrong, and there's no way around that, it's part of mortality. And yet, as we try and try and do our hardest and our best . . . somehow, in the moments, we still fail. We still aren't perfect. We still make mistakes or could have done something better. We get caught up in everything around us and get consumed with self- disappointment and false expectations and missed/lost dreams.
We've been taught and have learned that the Savior MAKES UP THE DIFFERENCE. We do our part, He does His.

But then . . . why do I still fail in my perspective? Why do I still worry?

Then it hit me. It's Christ's perfect and eternal perspective that truly matters! And he doesn't just "make up" the difference. He goes through it all WITH us. 

When we do these things, when we walk through this life with Christ, we realize that we are enough right now. We are not asked to be perfect like our Savior and Heavenly Father right now.  We aren't meant to be perfect in this life. In fact, for our mortal selves, perfection means: "THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME LIKE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER" (topical guide, perfection). 

I love that!

Come unto Christ, Believe His Words, and have everlasting life! "

I love you all!!   
Con carino, 

Hermana Day

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Feliz Navidad!

Star Wars Tshirts! Hermanas Day and Berger

And boy how family misses them!
Merry Christmas everyone!!

Thank you ALL for the mail, support, and cards! They're on the fridge and around our mini Christmas tree in the apartment!

We've got our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day PACKED with adventures! I'd have to say, being a missionary on Christmas is different, but it's a good different! The spirit is still so strong, and you feel the love of all your family members, friends, and those around you! The Lord truly care for us all!  (And no worries kiddos, Santa Claus doesn't forget about us! ;) OH! And thank for the hot cocoa! I biked back from a cold, shivery windy ride and all I wanted was hot cocoa, and then, outside the door, is an Amazon package waiting for me . . . hot chocolate. Miracles come in all packages!

We got our car back halfway through the week, Yay!

It's almost time for transfers again. On Saturday we'll find out who's staying and who's leaving.  I only have 2 transfers left, kinda crazy, but I also just realized that my FIRST Sunday home is EASTER Sunday! Cool!

This week we're having a devotional with all us missionaries in the San Fernando mission. We're having an ugly sweater contest. I'm pretty excited. Another blessing of missionary work is all the amazing friendships that you make. It's wonderful! 

This week we visited and taught the A family and the G family. It's been a wonderful week! And we've gone caroling as a ward and had our ward Christmas party.

Some of my favorite studies and inspiration has come from Moroni 7 and Ether, and just how important and significant charity really is! How it truly is the FOUNDATION of all -- without charity you LITERALLY cannot have hope or faith. Therefore, vice versa works as well, if we want to INCREASE our faith and our hope, we INCREASE our charity and pure love for those around us. "Faith, hope, and charity are the fountain of all righteousness!" (Ether).

I'll close my letter with this, "Behold, this is your work, to keep my commandments, yea, with all your might, mind and strength" (D&C 11:20).

I love you all!! Have an amazing week!

Con carino,

Hermana Day

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

448 Service: 100 Home

At the Los Angeles Temple

Merry Christmas from LA! Hermanas Berger and Day

Hi family I love you all tons! 

Our car broke down last Monday, so we took it to the shop in Burbank. from there we didn't know how to get back to our apartment and citas (appointments)-- about 8.5 miles away. We decided to take the bus. Unfortunately we didn't have any of our stuff on us -- no cash, no coins! Only our cards, which wouldn't work on the bus. Dumb move, but it happened....     as we were waiting for the bus and trying to figure out what we could do or how else to get a ride . . . a member, a Brother Vern, ran up to us "girl missionaries" and slapped a $20 into Hermana Berger's hand. We chased after him to give it back, but he took a turn and dashed away. What in the world!? A miracle! We used that money to get us back, a 2 hour bus ride #LA, to our apartment. We also got a lot of bus passes back to use because the machine may or may not have given change to us, but that's not important. We all learn in different ways...

Since then we've been biking to and from Burbank and Studio City a lot. It's better than walking! 

Anyway, this week we were also able to go to the LA temple for Christmas :) Last night we had a Spanish Stake Activity where we all sang Christmas carols and I got to see all my member friends!!

"And we know that all good things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose" Romans 8:28

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!!

Con carino,

Hermana Day

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Famous People and Natividads

Hey mi familia! I love ya'll lots :) I got your letters and drawings you wrote me at Thanksgiving the other day and they're all hanging up around the apartment! It's looking pretty Christmasy!  I cannot believe it is already the middle of December!

It was a super exciting week and I've got a huge list of places you all need to come eat at and see sometime in your lives. Next Sunday we missionaries are singing a christmas muscial number!



No Big Deal.

I learned how to shoot 3 pointers last Monday (Elder P taught me) Used it in our game. IT WAS SWEEEET! AND I learned some kickboxing and punching this week from one of our sisters. We did it for exercise in the morning. MAUY THAI ! eso!

We met and taught a cute 15 yr old girl the other day named C. She brought up baptism and how it is probably an important thing in life but she's never really considered it before now. We taught about the restoration of the gospel and the priesthood power we have today. Extending the baptismal. She was SO excited. Talk about awesome and prepared children of God! 

I like this quote/promise Preach My Gospel:: "As you study diligently, prayerfully, and with pure intent, the Holy Ghost will enlighten your mind, teach you, and help you understand."

I hope you all have a wonderful week! 

Con carino,

Hermana Day

P.S. Finished the book, Jesus the Christ, IT'S AMAZING!