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Friday, January 30, 2015

Burbank: Round 3

Lay's Chips with lemon juice and Hot Sauce


Mustache Girlies!

Hermana Day and Hermana Glauser

What?!  A bunny rabbbit! 

Hola Hola!

Yeah, that's right! Transfer calls came and....I'm staying here in Burbank! I am sooooo excited!! :) Hermana Glauser is still my awesome companion, which is rare because she's been my trainer and now we will have 12 weeks which will be very excited! :) My whole district is actually staying together; I am very excited for how awesome this next transfer is going to be! :)  ​

We bought some Papusas from people just cooking them on the side of the road down an alley way, it was suuuuuuuuuper good! I need recipes! :)

I tried some spicy chips--you take Lays chips, add lemon juice to them, then pour hot sauce over them. Reactions are captured in the photos sent :) haha it was actually pretty good! Very spicy though, but I'll get used to it! The next day the members gave us some, good thing it wasn't a surprise then! :)

We're super close to the Burbank airport and I'm pretty sure there's some jet place nearby too because it's always loud and there's always planes! We also got news the other day that some of the busy streets were blocked off because apparently Vice President Biden flew into Burbank the other day!???

Sometimes I get sooooo excited to speak in Spanish, I say "hola como esta" to Hindus...

We stopped by a referral this week, she was a little bit elderly and didn't really know why we were there, so we tried explaining to her (in Spanish) how we were missionaries, and we tried sharing the first lesson with her, but every few seconds she'd say "ohhh que lindas, que hermosas, su cabello, sus ojos" [Google translate by Krista: ohhh that beautiful, that beautiful, her hair, her eyes]  it was hilarious! She was adorable and we'll try back another time haha :)

There are yard sales everywhere here and I love them, I got some really cute clothes for all these hot days!

The other day a member told me I looked like someone from Europe, probably France, because of my cheeks (she said this in Spanish, so I was even more confused at first) I don't really know what that was supposed to mean, but it was funny to hear (usually people are commenting on Hna Glauser and how she looks German!)

Best story yet: someone called the cops on us! yep, that's right! We were early to a cita and so we decided to just make some calls in the car, we were only there for about 15 minutes, but we were on a back road (the main one was very busy and there wasn't any parking as usual). A neighbor saw us sitting in our car for a long time, and even though we smiled and waved at her, she ended up calling the cops to come and check us out. We didn't know until after we walked out of our car to go visit our friends, and a cop car pulled up and spotlighted the car. We contacted him, and he just asked what we had been doing.  This is what caused  my comp to get mad at me and have a 2 hour talk about communication because I was so calm about the situation--but the cop even said it was no big deal!  

Here are some funny quotes of mine from this week also:
(Hot Outside)   "I'm so flippin' hot even my elbow pits are sweating" 

(Someone was walking down the street holding a plant/tree)    "Hey I should just do that for shade, carry around a tree"

Two of our investigators, father and son, are progressing so amazingly! They're preparing for their baptism on the 15th and yesterday one came (jose) to a baptism in another ward to see what exactly it is, he teared-up the spirit was so strong!  I did too, of course, oh it is soooo amazing!  He is very excited and he has asked his brother in law to perform the baptism for him and his son! Ahhhh!!!!!! :) :) :) It's been quite the tender mercy and miracle to have them in my missionary life, as such amazing friends and so willing to hear and accept this wonderful, true gospel! (If I could hug them, I would!!!!!)

We've been working on updating the ward list--boy are there miracles! This week we ran a nice lady. She let us in and we got to talking, I really hit it off with her! She is a mother of 2 little kids, they are adorable! She talked about her messy house and all the work she has to do, but I soon got her talking about how amazing her kids are and how amazing being a mom is and even though it's hard, the lord is there for us! We shared a scripture, the kids played with me some and took some silly photos of me, and I offered to help clean but she said it was okay.  We invited her to read the BoM every day and we hope to see her again really soon! (Mom, she was sooooo awesome! When I would look over and smile or just make a joke, she would do your little wink thing as me. It was so fun!)

I looove being a missionary and the work is amazing! I love this area and I love speaking Spanish and I loooooooove the Spirit and Love that comes with this amazing gospel! :)

I hope you all have a great week! :) lots of love and enjoy the snow for me! :)

Con carino,

Hermana Day

Thursday, January 22, 2015


THE HUGE LEMON the nice lady gave me as we passed her house!
Fun Palm trees everywhere!

Cartoon Network

My DIstrict

 It is very sunny and HOT here and I have already been burning, even with sunscreen....sooooooooooooo we asked President if I could wear a hat and sunglasses. YES! sooooo glad :) It's good for these "wintery" sunny days (60s) but in the summer it will be way too hot to wear! Hopefully we can find another once all winter clothes are out of the stores (they literally still have WINTER jackets hanging up and winter snow hats!?)
Hola Hola!

We had to sing on Sunday and sit in the front, I counted about 6 people sleeping in the congregation, and we had to wear these giant, poofy flowers on our shirts by our shoulders and it was very funny, because then we couldn't even sing it on cue because we never practiced.

We ate with the Zelaya family the other night-- they let us eat by ourselves in a room all lonely and stuff but it's cause they figure we've been talking to people ALL day and some "alone time" would be nice. I don't mind it, it's pretty relaxing, and they always come back for a spiritual thought and the daughter, Michell, is very adorable and is always in there talking with me anyway :) also, I looooooooved the organic lemonade they had (from Costco) and in Hispanic culture, I've now learned, that when you say you love something, they just give it to she gave me a carton of the organic lemonade from Costco to take back. ESO! Soooo yummy!!!!!! Within 2 days it was gone :) hahaha  (I have to be more aware because I feel bad they give me stuff! But the lemonade is sooo yummy!)

We made a jeopardy game for idioma [language] study so we can have fun learning grammar and vocab haha :)

We've been called angels almost every day, it's very fun! :) it's cool to hear how people recognize us right away as people of God and how the members see us as always being there for them, and how even our contacts see how nice and what a message we carry! It is very cool : )

On Sunday, we had 3 investigators come and the Elders had a family of 4 come and 1 other investigator. Which means we had 8 investigators at church in ONE DAY! And for such a small ward, that is AMAZING! It was very fun, I got to help their investigator out during Relief Society and have fun with her while they watched over our investigator in Priesthood meeting for us : ) After church there was a lunch party, even more fun! All of our investigators that came are very solid and oh such miracles in our missionary work! It is very fun to hear stories and share them and watch these prepared people just come closer to Christ and learn so much more about this wonderful gospel!!!! :)
Okay, that's all for now :) I hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend and have a fun January! Next week is transfers, I find out on Saturday what's up and I hope with all my heart I get to stay in this ward and area with all their love, but I'll go where the Lord needs me! I'm learning so much not only about myself and about those around me, but about how miraculous and amazing this gospel is and oh how true it is! I love our Savior Jesus Christ so much and there are SO many blessings! I am so grateful for all the amazing examples in my lives and I love you all lots!

Con Corino,

Hermana Day 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cheers to the New Year with Punche!

Burbank and N Hollywood Valley

Hermana Day and Hermana Glauser

Feliz Ano Nuevo! ​

2 de Enero (January) was my 100th Day on a mission! Pretty sweet! :D

Time to explain my subject line/title. This week on New Years Day, we went and visited Marie and she welcomed us in and gave us dinner, along with dinner she gave us this thing called "punche" (accent on the e, pronounced, "punch- ay") and it was just a bunch of fruit (guava, pear, apple, pineapple, peach) with cinnamon and hot water. Bleck.  Oh, also there was a LOT of cana (tilde over the n, so "kahn-nya"), which translates to..wait for it..."reed." So we were eating and chewing on a plant reed sooked in hot water. Anyway,we celebrated the new year with punche, very fun! :) I recommend trying it just say you did!  

Oh yeah, and last Monday we went on a little hike up a hill (to California it's a mountain) where we got to overlook Burbank and North Hollywood Valley for sunset, it was so beautiful (I may have teared up, as always) and I got lots of fun pictures!
After a hard day of hardly any contacts and dinner with the punche (fruit with reed and hot water) we returned to our casa for a short dinner break, as we got out of the car one of our neighbors (Manuel) was there. We got to talking, about who we are as missionaries, why we're always changing, why we are the ones paying to be here and aren't being paid, what we do, etc. We gave him a restoration folleto and then invited him to church and...HE SAID YES!? He knows English and Spanish and is a retired doctor, he has a very cool corvette car and he likes to joke around. He's been catholic his whole life and has NEVER gone to another church before, but he said for some reason he felt interested and why not learn more? We said we'd meet him outside at 10:30 sunday and he could follow us to church. We walked out yesterday at 10:32 and he was sitting in his car,  wearing a SUIT!, waiting for us! WHAT!?! The spirit was very strong and it was quite the crazy, random but cool experience! After sacrament meeting, he asked for "one of those books everyone had been talking about today"--a Book of Mormon! We set up a time to revisit him this week, we are very excited about our awesome random investigator! The Lord really does put people into our path! It's pretty cool :)
Speaking of paths, last week we helped a woman (Rosario) move her plants from a car to her apartment. We had a return cita with her this past week and we taught an amazing lesson! We were in such crazy awesome unity and she was very prepared! She accepted the doctrine very well and the spirit was very strong during the Joseph Smith Experience! She wants to come to church but she works on Sundays, so she said a kneeling prayer asking for the help and is in our prayers also! We are very excited to see her again this week and hopefully see some progress! :)
Anyway, it has been quite the milagro week! :) Very many experiences have touched my heart and I love the members and people and area here SO MUCH! :) I didn't even think it was possible to love "random" people this much (and so soon), but it is! ♥
This week I finished reading through the Book of Mormon, I wrote my testimony and I wanted to share it with you all, however I left it at my casa, so next week I will be sure to send it to you all and add some more awesome words! This means I'm giving you all time to prepare too, read your Book of Mormon every day this week and then send me a sentence or two (or more if you wish) about what you learned or what you liked or your testimony of it :) It will be cool to hear :) (Plus, as a missionary, I get to invite people to do things muahaha)

 Everyone hear is scared of the tap water ('cause most of them are from mexico, where it's not safe), so they're always giving us water bottles hahaha :) (at least, I hope that's why...)
There's an opossum that lives right next to our window and door, it's funny. I need name suggestions! is it true that they hang upside down by their tails? (or did Magic School bus lie to me?)
The Spanish Culture here loves bubbly, carbonated drinks, so sometimes that's all we have to drink for's funny to have spicy food and then a bubbly drink to try to save me hahaha :) but their fruit juice is very yummy most of the time! p.s. one of them had boxes and boxes and boxes of TANG! It was delicious
Okay, I gotta get going! Love you all lots and lots, thanks for being so amazing! Being a missionary is very fun and I can't wait to email next week and tell you all about the many more Milagros! :) :) :)
Lots of love,
Hermana Day :)