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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Talking and Teaching

Hermanas Day and Nelson FUN

Destiny and Yaretzi

Beautiful Sunset
Hey familia! Les quiero! 

It's been a super good week and we've been working milagros and seeing a lot of success!

We talked to 310 people this week! THAT'S NOT NORMAL! Literally, think about it. We talk to random people on the street and at their doors and ask them to hear about a message of God and we tell them that God loves them and that there's another testament of His teachings. We did that, at least, 310 times.

In my mission we call this "OYMing" --Opening Your Mouth. We talk to everyone that we see and share this blessing of the gospel that we have! I'd have to say, it's the toughest thing in the world. Talking to people you don't know. . . I've come to the conclusion that missionaries are sometimes crazy! And we definitely couldn't do this without the help of the Lord!

We have a family now, the "Al" family (a mom, dad, and 2 little girls ages 11 and 10 ... hey, remind you of someones? ;) They're planning to be baptized on the 31st of the month! We are so excited for them! We got to show them the baptism pila the other day and the girls are so excited! On Sunday we translate the talks from Spanish to English so that the girls understand  #secondgenerationthings.  

We also got to see D again, the investigator that Hermana Nelson and I found on her first day – she is preparing to be baptized the 7th of February. :) SO EXCITING! These are the moments that matter most--seeing others come onto Christ—it is the greatest thing in the world!

I love you all tons and tons! Have an amazing week and enjoy the weather! 

Con carino, Hermana Day

P.S. There's a super amazing food stand on Kittridge and Laurel Canyon Blvd in North Hollywood that sells the most amazing quesadillas in the whole world. One day we shall go. 

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