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Wednesday, January 13, 2016

74 days until I return

Yoda, I am

Fooled you? Mom knows this isn't a real mouse

Hermanas Nelson and Day

Hermanas William and day
Hey familia!

Yo decidé escribirles en espanol tambien para que sepan que pudeo hacerlo. Creo que, por ahorita, puedo hablar mas mejor de mi hermano. Se vale! Para compartir mi testimonio, solo quiero decirles que sé que este evangelio es verdadero y es un gran milagro tenerlo en nuestras vidas! 

I want snow! This week, we woke up, and there was SNOW ON THE MOUNTAINS on the horizan! It was insane! I want more!

We are so very thankful that the wonderful "Al" family came to church! As well, we talked to another 250 people and taught over 13 lessons! We got to see and support "J" and we sipped some herbal tea and talked about how God really does exist. These are moments that I will never forget.

We've been studying like crazy and really taking advantage of our time to invite people to get to their Savior. Plus, we even got to make apple crisp, it was delicious!

I love you all! Have an amazing week!

con carino, hermana day 

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