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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas Time

Visitors from HOME!

Hermana Kim gave this pretty gift

Hermana Umana let us Skype from her home

At the Visitor's Center

My shoes are so battered! (No worries- a sweet Hermana gifted me a new pair!)
Hey guess what?! The H family from home surprised visited me at church on Sunday and brought me some candy! I loooove the candy!  I also loved the hug from Sister H—it's so nice to see someone from home!

I can't believe it's COLDER HERE than it is over at home! What are the chances! Hopefully this means there will be snow in March, I want to see and touch snow soooo badly! 

It was SO NICE to see you on Skype! This week we went to a lot of dinners, parties, and out caroling. I am not being transferred but will remain training through my last two transfers! SUPER EXCITED :) I do get a new companion this week, Hermana B is going over to the YSA area.

This week, I learned a lot about the atonement of Christ and the importance of a Savior.

"Most of my life I've seen the atonement for its general characteristics and the physical suffering and then Resurrection of Christ. Over the years I tied it in to spirituality, understanding that Christ really does understand everything we go through, and He knows how to help. Obviously, he is the Son of God and only He could do so. And He did so because it was part of the Plan and because of His love for us. He provides a way -- the way -- for us to return to the presence of God. Doing so fulfills justice because the Son of God, a perfect and innocent man, was despised, rejected, and crucified for doing no wrong. He can be our Advocate and, with His power of mercy and grace, take the stand for us. Through all, we do our parts and strive to keep the commandments. We accept His Plan of Salvation, His Plan of Happiness.

Heavenly Father sent us here to succeed. He sent us here to learn and progress. He sent us here knowing His full plan. He provided a Savior and Redeemer, and guidance and teachings of how we can one day return to His presence and become like Him. To become perfect like Him.

But here we are, on earth, with body and spirit trying to be one and constantly failing. We're often weak, dumb, rude, prideful, and far from perfect. Every day we do something wrong, and there's no way around that, it's part of mortality. And yet, as we try and try and do our hardest and our best . . . somehow, in the moments, we still fail. We still aren't perfect. We still make mistakes or could have done something better. We get caught up in everything around us and get consumed with self- disappointment and false expectations and missed/lost dreams.
We've been taught and have learned that the Savior MAKES UP THE DIFFERENCE. We do our part, He does His.

But then . . . why do I still fail in my perspective? Why do I still worry?

Then it hit me. It's Christ's perfect and eternal perspective that truly matters! And he doesn't just "make up" the difference. He goes through it all WITH us. 

When we do these things, when we walk through this life with Christ, we realize that we are enough right now. We are not asked to be perfect like our Savior and Heavenly Father right now.  We aren't meant to be perfect in this life. In fact, for our mortal selves, perfection means: "THE POTENTIAL TO BECOME LIKE OUR HEAVENLY FATHER" (topical guide, perfection). 

I love that!

Come unto Christ, Believe His Words, and have everlasting life! "

I love you all!!   
Con carino, 

Hermana Day

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