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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Still Biking in California!

Pday at Cheesecake Factory!

It's been a hot week, but I've learned a lot; some things include:

Never go to Wingstop, even though there's 60 cent chicken wings, it's not worth it.

It IS worth it to play beach volleyball in the hot sand.

My year mark is NEXT WEEK, WHAT!?

Apparently there's these gross snot draining things for when someone has a cold, it's called a netty pot. I biked one all the way up to the hermanas the other day. It was a long ride....

We had a scripture class buuuuuuuuut it was never announced so it didn't actually happen

We had a stake activity this week and got to see all these differently styles and dances of different cultures from south america :) it was awesome! "el salvadoranians, que lindos son!"

Anyway, the summary of this week is, boy am I blessed to know how to use my time wisely as a missionary and to know how to do my best every day! I've been studying about my purpose as a missionary and how planning and goal setting are actions of our faith. 

A quote I really liked:

"Dedicated missionary service returns a dividend of eternal joy which extends throughout mortality and into eternity" - President Monson

I've never seen so many blessings and miracles surrounding diligent, tough work. I don't' know exactly how I got here, but i know it's because of God's love for me, for the angels walking beside me, and for my parents. And I am eternally grateful for this miraculous mission that I am on ♥"

I love this work and this gospel and I know that it is true! I love you all lots! Have an amazing week! 

Con carino,

Hermana Day

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