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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Kicked Out of a Funeral?

Flour fight on our day off!

Hello family and friends!

Lucia, my past investigator whom we taught for a few months with her children, Rosmeli and Ramiro, the one who has been in the hospital from liver damage.... she passed away last week. We were able to go to the funeral the other day. However, it was held at a community church for the rest of the family. We walked in and we gave the kids hugs and a note, and sat with Hermana and Hermano Chavez. We didn't get to long. 

A few of the other Hermanas asked us if we could play a musical number and sing, to contribute a peaceful, hopeful spirit. We asked the Pastor of the church if he would allow us to do so. He completely blew up all angry and told us that ALL the Mormons needed to leave because they were NOT good people and had completely wrong beliefs. The members took the words exteremly harshly for just a kind gesture they had suggested, but as missionaries, we're very used to rejection. It took some courage, but I opened my mouth and, in Spanish, asked the Pastor since we were the missionaries of the church and we're the ones that preach the beliefs, could leave as long and he let the family members and other Mormon guests stay. Luckily, he allowed it. With tears in my eyes, with an even greater understanding that this gospel is SO true, we hugged the family and members goodbye and left in peace. 

We barely made it down the street before we needed to sit on the curb and take a few minute to ourselves and our emotions. I think what just stands out to me most though, is this wonderful knowledge that we had in that room, that the Chavez family will see their sister again. It breaks my heart to know that people are living in this darkness and craziness of the world and caught up in so many things, when right here in front of them is this wonderful gospel of hope and peace and guidance. But, it also makes my heart grow even more when I can share my love and desire for all of them to come unto Christ and see these promised blessings. There really is no greater work than missionary work.

Hermana Escobar (previous companion) sent me some streamers for my bike!

I love you all lots and lots!

"Faith is the spiritual ability to be persuaded of promises that are seen afar off...Faith in its full and pure form requires an unshakable assurance and...absolute confidence that God will hear our pleas and grant our petitions in His own due time" -Sister Pingree 

 Have an amazing week everyone! Keep being awesome:)

Con carino,

Hermana Day

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