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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Ridin' Down Sherman Way All Day

Hermana Garcia

Swinging and Having Fun on day off (aka: Pday, or Preparation Day)

Hola Hola Familia! 

On Monday night, we stopped by to visit Lucia, who is listening to Gospel lessons. She is currently really sick with liver failure (from being an alcoholic for so many years.) Recently she has been attending church and has been slowly getting better with the medication and miracles of this gospel! She has two adorable children, Rosmeli (age 15) and Romero (age 13), who LOVE to read, so I was able to talk to them about all the cool series (you know how much I love to read!)  It got late, so we made an appointment to return the next evening, and we brought two Book of Mormon's with us. We shared the story of the Army of Helaman, to grab their attention of the super sweet stories in the Book of Mormon, and also to testify and learn of faith in Christ, and how when we don't doubt there are so many miracles that come!

Romero really liked that story, and Rosmeli was shocked that such faith had kept them all safe! We asked  them what they would do to have these miracles of God in their lives? Romero said he'd start by reading the Book of Mormon! Rosmeli thought for a minute, then said she would go to church. The spirit was so strong! We siezed the moment and asked them if they would also prepare to be BAPTIZED They planned it on May 31st, so their mom can be baptized as well.

I never could have imagined this. but I love it! and I love these opportunities and blessings and miracles Heavenly Father has entrusted with us missionaries. I love all that I am learning, especially about the importance of the spirit in our lives! That's what I want for Rosmeli and Romero throughout their lives! I know that's what Heavenly Father wants for them as well <3" Personal revelations is awesome! :) I love this service! What a fun week :)

Our air conditioner is broken!! It also just so happened to be the week where it hit 105! AND we're riding a bikes. Add all those together and you get is a giant sweat monster!  

OH! Here's the recipe I promised, Real Horchata
·         rice and water in the blender; strain or scoop the rice out
·         add lechera/condensed milk, along with a cinnamon stick, and a little vanilla; mix
·         enjoy in a cup with ice! YUMMMM!!! :) :)

Anyway, it's been an awesome week and I'm loving the area,the people and this obra misional! I love you all lots.

Con carino,
Hermana Day 

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