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Monday, April 6, 2015

Happy Easter!

My Comp Hermana Rodriguez

This Machete is sharp!

Happy Easter to ME!

My favorite pink scooter!

LA Driving

Windy Hair

Hola Hola! :)
I've been here in Burbank so long, I officially have some "best friends" here at the library, who come up and tell me all about their week and how they've visited the website and watched the Easter video! I looooove the Easter video.
To fill you in, this week has been a tad tough. Now listen up, future missionaries, keep being awesome and putting your papers in and preparing for those missions, and keep being suuuuuuper stoked and excited to come out to the field--because it's really one of the best places on earth, doing missionary work, becoming closer to your Heavenly Father and Savior in ways you wouldn't even expect, and loving everyone around you! It's quite the adventure and so totally worth it for the rest of eternity!

There's just one little, itty bitty thing you should put into the back of your minds so you're not all shocked -- missions are stressful as well. Now, this sentence is cliché and overused, but trust me, it's true. There's times in the mission where the work is slooooooooooower than this LA traffic during rush hour, and sometimes as missionaries we like to get down on ourselves, because all we do as missionaries is teach, teach teach, and testify, testify, testify! so when you're not finding many people, but are doing your best and searching, it can be a little tough.
We just kept knocking, and knocking, and knocking. In fact, yesterday we knocked an entire apartment complex that was VACANT. Now why am I sooo excited telling you this? It's because I already know the outcome and let's face it, I can't make it sound as stressful or "blaaaaaaaah" as it was at the beginning of the week, because I am just waaaaay too grateful and happy for the miracle that came from the diligence, hope, and patience we've learned this week! Soooooooo, at the end of a long week, after contacting like crazy these streets, we had a 140 CONTACTS FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS!

We had just finished knocking a street, with one door left and not too much luck yet. The people inside instantly opened up the door, happened to speak Spanish only, and welcomed us in! They gave us some OJ and water, and we shared with them the El Vive Easter Video, which they soon opened up to us and expressed their love for the Savior and how he has changed their life. We instantly shared our Spiritual Bomb of the Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, bearing powerful testimony of our Savior, that He lives and that He is there for us. That there is MORE out there, there are promised blessings and eternal life with our families, that there is a love for all mankind and a grace that we can't even comprehend. That there is a plan for us and it's not just a plan for happiness right now, but happiness for forever.  I teared up a lot, as they called us their angels and commented to us about the spirit that they felt and how they needed us at this moment and know our message will continue to help them come onto Christ, making the promises to God to receive the blessings we had spoken of <3
That right there, that is missionary work. The joy that comes from the persistence. The smiles and tears of the spirit that fill your heart as the investigator points at you specifically and asks you how the Savior has changed your life because you're only a young, 19-year old girl. When you bear a powerful testimony, and not only can they not deny it, but their hearts accept it and they ask to hear more. When you share with them personal experiences and promise them blessings to come, full of faith and love, you feel as if the Spirit couldn't get any stronger, but you're always surprised when it does <3
I testify to you all that our Savior lives. That he loves us with an incredible love. That He is there for you, no matter where you are in life. That His arms of mercy are outstretched towards us all, He has prepared the way and He is guiding us along that path to eternal happiness. He is our wonderful Redeemer and Example. Come unto Him and Receive of the everlasting blessings! :)
I love you all and you are always in my prayers! I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Easter and continue to grow in your sweet testimonies as well!
Con Carino,
Hermana Day 

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