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Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I Stay in Burbak: Round 4!

Hola Hola!

This week has been pretty sweet! I'm on my FOURTH transfer remaining in this wonderful area -- ahhhh, I looooove this people so much! <3   I get a new companion (which I find out who she is tomorrow ah!) and we get to find tons new investigators and do tons of contacting to start off this transfer because ........ all our investigators are BAPTIZED now! :) Eso! :D

Yesterday, Samantha, the cute little girl, had her baptism, and it was so fun! We got to sing "Soy un Hijo de Dios" with the primary and young women (and even got the elders to sing!) and oh what a sweet spirit! After teaching here for about 4 months, we finally got her birthday for the baptism papers/records to fill out and...turns out... SHE IS 8 YEARS OLD!!!!!!! Sooooooooo she didn't need the missionary lessons and she actually needed an interview by the Obispo (he quickly did it there....) and it was very exciting!  We have tons of fun photos, and there was such a special spirit!

Abel (Jose's brother) got to come and brought his little daughters (Gia and Italy) as well, where we got to teach them a little about baptism. They came to church earlier in the day as well and they are just sooooooo cute! In the middle of all the talks they ran up to my pew, scooted in, squeezed themselves beside me, and started doodling some fun photos for me :)
Ahhhh, I loooooove the Martinez Family!! (that's jose, jossymar, abel, etc!) They are sooooooooo prepared and soooooo amazing! Speaking of which, after church on Sunday we got to do another after lesson with Jose and Jossy, the Gospel of Christ, where we shared Mosiah 5:15, about being steadfast and immovable and enduring to the end to receive all those promised blessings! Jossymar shared his testimony about why he was baptized and totally teared up! This gospel is amazing and changes lives, it is so powerful and brings so much joy! Always share it!

We contacted a "rapper" from South Carolina, his name is "Sun-e-Swag," and we said a prayer with him. He let us listen to what will more than likely become the next top hit single at some point in time, "For the First Time," and it was actually pretty decent! So if you ever hear a good new song with the chorus of "for the first time", I contacted that guy! And got a photo with him! He said if he ever joined a religious group, it'd be LDS because they know what they're doing and always have answers haha :)

I ate some bean soup the other day. There was a giant green "bean" in there, so I decided to eat that one quick and first. Turns out, it was a Jalapeno pepper. No big deal. JK, super big deal, MY MOUTH IS STILL BURNING! Everyone was cracking up, apparently it's "just for savor" and no one eats those all at once. It was funny, I ate it, and didn't want to make a face, so I was like "um...Hermana...que es este?" and pointed to the one in Hna. Glauser's bowl. They busted up, once I learned it was a pepper and was supposed to be that spicy, I made the faces, my eyes started watering, and not even the giant roll beside me could save my taste buds. It was hilarious )
I love this missionary work and I am very excited for the adventure this week holds! eso! Keep being amazing everyone and I love you all lots!

Con Carino, Hermana Day
Backwards Hat Day for Pday

Service Day

Hermana Day and Hermana Woods

Hermana Jensen and Hermana Day

"Who's hair is longer?" 

Hermana Jensen, Hermana Glauser (going home this week!) and Hermana Day

Bekah just LOVES these cute girls!

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