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Monday, February 23, 2015

Hola from Cali!

Hola Hola! :)

Starting tomorrow afternoon, I've got another companion! President Hall gave us a call last night, and Hermana Jensen is heading into our companionship! :) We're going to be over HER area AND ours! Her ward is in the same building as ours and our areas border each other. She's FULL of energy and is tons of fun, so we're all going to have a blast! After 2 weeks she's headed back to her area in North Hollywood  and then my comp Hermana Glauser "transfers" HOME! Transfers are on March 10th.

The exchange in Van Nuys was super sweet, we ran into a Hungarian who knew 5 languages--German, Hungarian, English, Russian, and ... SPANISH! She had married someone from Buenos Aires, and she has a 4 year old son who speaks Hungarian too :) He tried teaching me the numbers, but I only got "one" down (It sounds something like "Heck" haha). It was so fun! She gave us some LENTIL soup--it was actually pretty good! The little boy was adorable, he was showing me everything on his DS game "Yoshi Island," and at first he was shy but then she just could not stop talking to me about school and such and oh it was so cute :) I just looooooove little kids, and especially little boys because they are so energetic and ah I just click with them, it's soo fun to make them laugh and joke around with them--anyway before I get too carried away, he was adorable and when he would not stop talking to me and was following me around the casa and asking his mom to let us stay longer (we had to leave for a member cena) and she was like "I think my son has fallen in love with you, you'll have to come back and visit again." AHHH I WISH I COULD! But I grabbed a few photos with them, they were adorable :)

I've got the ward doing eye-brow raises, smiles, and winks back to me (that one reminds me of you, Mom!), along with fist-pounds from the youth and little kiddos. Pretty fun stuff :) The ward is legit my family out here and it's the coolest :) ...speaking of ward...guess who are officially NEW MEMBERS!!!! JOSE AND JOSSYMAR!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! :D :D :D They are the COOLEST ever and are going to be SUCH great examples!

 I made some origami swans and mouths and boxes in church yesterday, the little tykes loved 'em :)

We were told 10 minutes before Sunday School (Gospel Doctrines) that we were going to teach . . . yay! But it didn't turn out to be so bad! The topic was "prayer" so I totally had that one down! I had a really good time teaching it, sharing scriptures and testimonies and asking some pretty fun discussion questions for the class--we had about 15 people there! I also got to play the piano ("Sweet Hour of Prayer") so it ended up being pretty cool :)

People love to ask us what our first names are:) When I tell them "Rebekah" they all freak out because "it totally fits" me :) So thanks for the awesome name, mis padres <3

There are crazy white trucks on the side of the road all the time, and out of the back they sell . . . FRUITS! And cheeto bags and goodies, it's funny! But the ice cream in the ice cream trucks is actually really good . . . they even had chocolate shakes haha :) Also, I tried some nacho doritos with lime and hot sauce this week, it was good!

I love bein out here and I love this gospel! :)

Con carino,

Hermana Day 

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