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Friday, January 30, 2015

Burbank: Round 3

Lay's Chips with lemon juice and Hot Sauce


Mustache Girlies!

Hermana Day and Hermana Glauser

What?!  A bunny rabbbit! 

Hola Hola!

Yeah, that's right! Transfer calls came and....I'm staying here in Burbank! I am sooooo excited!! :) Hermana Glauser is still my awesome companion, which is rare because she's been my trainer and now we will have 12 weeks which will be very excited! :) My whole district is actually staying together; I am very excited for how awesome this next transfer is going to be! :)  ​

We bought some Papusas from people just cooking them on the side of the road down an alley way, it was suuuuuuuuuper good! I need recipes! :)

I tried some spicy chips--you take Lays chips, add lemon juice to them, then pour hot sauce over them. Reactions are captured in the photos sent :) haha it was actually pretty good! Very spicy though, but I'll get used to it! The next day the members gave us some, good thing it wasn't a surprise then! :)

We're super close to the Burbank airport and I'm pretty sure there's some jet place nearby too because it's always loud and there's always planes! We also got news the other day that some of the busy streets were blocked off because apparently Vice President Biden flew into Burbank the other day!???

Sometimes I get sooooo excited to speak in Spanish, I say "hola como esta" to Hindus...

We stopped by a referral this week, she was a little bit elderly and didn't really know why we were there, so we tried explaining to her (in Spanish) how we were missionaries, and we tried sharing the first lesson with her, but every few seconds she'd say "ohhh que lindas, que hermosas, su cabello, sus ojos" [Google translate by Krista: ohhh that beautiful, that beautiful, her hair, her eyes]  it was hilarious! She was adorable and we'll try back another time haha :)

There are yard sales everywhere here and I love them, I got some really cute clothes for all these hot days!

The other day a member told me I looked like someone from Europe, probably France, because of my cheeks (she said this in Spanish, so I was even more confused at first) I don't really know what that was supposed to mean, but it was funny to hear (usually people are commenting on Hna Glauser and how she looks German!)

Best story yet: someone called the cops on us! yep, that's right! We were early to a cita and so we decided to just make some calls in the car, we were only there for about 15 minutes, but we were on a back road (the main one was very busy and there wasn't any parking as usual). A neighbor saw us sitting in our car for a long time, and even though we smiled and waved at her, she ended up calling the cops to come and check us out. We didn't know until after we walked out of our car to go visit our friends, and a cop car pulled up and spotlighted the car. We contacted him, and he just asked what we had been doing.  This is what caused  my comp to get mad at me and have a 2 hour talk about communication because I was so calm about the situation--but the cop even said it was no big deal!  

Here are some funny quotes of mine from this week also:
(Hot Outside)   "I'm so flippin' hot even my elbow pits are sweating" 

(Someone was walking down the street holding a plant/tree)    "Hey I should just do that for shade, carry around a tree"

Two of our investigators, father and son, are progressing so amazingly! They're preparing for their baptism on the 15th and yesterday one came (jose) to a baptism in another ward to see what exactly it is, he teared-up the spirit was so strong!  I did too, of course, oh it is soooo amazing!  He is very excited and he has asked his brother in law to perform the baptism for him and his son! Ahhhh!!!!!! :) :) :) It's been quite the tender mercy and miracle to have them in my missionary life, as such amazing friends and so willing to hear and accept this wonderful, true gospel! (If I could hug them, I would!!!!!)

We've been working on updating the ward list--boy are there miracles! This week we ran a nice lady. She let us in and we got to talking, I really hit it off with her! She is a mother of 2 little kids, they are adorable! She talked about her messy house and all the work she has to do, but I soon got her talking about how amazing her kids are and how amazing being a mom is and even though it's hard, the lord is there for us! We shared a scripture, the kids played with me some and took some silly photos of me, and I offered to help clean but she said it was okay.  We invited her to read the BoM every day and we hope to see her again really soon! (Mom, she was sooooo awesome! When I would look over and smile or just make a joke, she would do your little wink thing as me. It was so fun!)

I looove being a missionary and the work is amazing! I love this area and I love speaking Spanish and I loooooooove the Spirit and Love that comes with this amazing gospel! :)

I hope you all have a great week! :) lots of love and enjoy the snow for me! :)

Con carino,

Hermana Day

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