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Thursday, January 22, 2015


THE HUGE LEMON the nice lady gave me as we passed her house!
Fun Palm trees everywhere!

Cartoon Network

My DIstrict

 It is very sunny and HOT here and I have already been burning, even with sunscreen....sooooooooooooo we asked President if I could wear a hat and sunglasses. YES! sooooo glad :) It's good for these "wintery" sunny days (60s) but in the summer it will be way too hot to wear! Hopefully we can find another once all winter clothes are out of the stores (they literally still have WINTER jackets hanging up and winter snow hats!?)
Hola Hola!

We had to sing on Sunday and sit in the front, I counted about 6 people sleeping in the congregation, and we had to wear these giant, poofy flowers on our shirts by our shoulders and it was very funny, because then we couldn't even sing it on cue because we never practiced.

We ate with the Zelaya family the other night-- they let us eat by ourselves in a room all lonely and stuff but it's cause they figure we've been talking to people ALL day and some "alone time" would be nice. I don't mind it, it's pretty relaxing, and they always come back for a spiritual thought and the daughter, Michell, is very adorable and is always in there talking with me anyway :) also, I looooooooved the organic lemonade they had (from Costco) and in Hispanic culture, I've now learned, that when you say you love something, they just give it to she gave me a carton of the organic lemonade from Costco to take back. ESO! Soooo yummy!!!!!! Within 2 days it was gone :) hahaha  (I have to be more aware because I feel bad they give me stuff! But the lemonade is sooo yummy!)

We made a jeopardy game for idioma [language] study so we can have fun learning grammar and vocab haha :)

We've been called angels almost every day, it's very fun! :) it's cool to hear how people recognize us right away as people of God and how the members see us as always being there for them, and how even our contacts see how nice and what a message we carry! It is very cool : )

On Sunday, we had 3 investigators come and the Elders had a family of 4 come and 1 other investigator. Which means we had 8 investigators at church in ONE DAY! And for such a small ward, that is AMAZING! It was very fun, I got to help their investigator out during Relief Society and have fun with her while they watched over our investigator in Priesthood meeting for us : ) After church there was a lunch party, even more fun! All of our investigators that came are very solid and oh such miracles in our missionary work! It is very fun to hear stories and share them and watch these prepared people just come closer to Christ and learn so much more about this wonderful gospel!!!! :)
Okay, that's all for now :) I hope you all enjoyed your three day weekend and have a fun January! Next week is transfers, I find out on Saturday what's up and I hope with all my heart I get to stay in this ward and area with all their love, but I'll go where the Lord needs me! I'm learning so much not only about myself and about those around me, but about how miraculous and amazing this gospel is and oh how true it is! I love our Savior Jesus Christ so much and there are SO many blessings! I am so grateful for all the amazing examples in my lives and I love you all lots!

Con Corino,

Hermana Day 

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