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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Missionary Skill Level: Embracing the Awkwardnes​s

Hola Hola!​

It rained more for about 2 days, and the streets get super flooded but it was fun! Palm trees also look very depressing in the rain and wind, so was actually wishing for the sun to come back (and once it did, I got sun burned haha.) It hasn't been too terribly hot anymore, so that's good!

We had zone conference the other day, it was tons of fun to see some of my MTC district there too! President Hall is amazing and it was a very fun day full of lots of inspiration and revelation! Also, some members fed us lunch there and all made comments on how I look like Merida from the move Brave! My red hair is quite the hit! :) I love it!

Spanish is coming along and i looooove language study time (most people probably don't say that haha) but i'm hoping to be fluent in Spanish by the time I come home. I've been writing in my journal sometimes in Spanish too--whoops! Sometimes I don't even realize it!  Once while contacting, (keep in mind we had been contacting a lot in Spanish) So I said,  "is it okay if you we give a card?" It was hilarious!  They were sooo confused and I just laugh.

I really like pineapple juice, it's very yummy, and I LOVE lemons…the members gave me a bag of lemons the other day from their yard because they know I love to eat them like oranges haha :)  I also LOVE this rice juice they make here with cinnamon, it's sooooo good!!!!!

Eating with the church members is sometimes a little strange to me because I don't know what to say to them, but I've been getting better, it's always easier for me when there's a family there because I can talk and laugh and have a good time with the group, but when it's just one person or a couple people, it's more difficult.  We had a lot of member dinners last week and it was very fun!

We have a temple trip this week in LA, super excited!!! :)

-#comparteladadiva  AKA #sharethegift,  the Christmas video is awesome! I finally saw it the other day! :)
Please share it with others!

Sometimes people here walk around in giant puffy winter coats, it's very funny, because then I'm in a t-shirt and people are amazed that I'm not freezing!  It is so very funny to me!

It's hot here.

Sometimes I find that I pretend that I know what's going on or that I'm super interested in listening but really I don't know what exactly they're talking about.  Sometimes I just have no idea. They tell me my Spanish is pretty good though.

Anyway! Missionary work is awesome.

The love Christ has for us is amazing and so powerful! He will ALWAYS love us and He has such an amazing plan for each of us individually! We may make mistakes and we may feel incapable or weak or worthless or not loved, but it's not true, it's never true! The Lord always loves us and we just have to remember His grace, His acceptance! That He knows, and He loves us and through him our weaknesses are made strong and He uses our strengths and our talents to touch the lives of those around us!

I love you all so much!!! Have a great week :) Keep being amazing!

Lots of love,

Hermana Day <3

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