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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Pretty Sure I Brought the Rain to California!

We had just finished a FUN capture the flag game when we had to leave for an appointment. Obviously I was in exercise clothes for this game and I didn't know we would be going straight to our appointment, where I need to be in missionary clothes--luckily I had a skirt and shirt in the car from the other day when I had brought an extra pair because it was suuuuper rainy, and they were still clean and not used yet, so I quickly changed into those. But.... I did not have church walked through Burbank mall (super busy) and then to our next appointment in skirts, a shirt, and sneakers. It was very funny!

My companion Herman Glauser and I at the Los Angeles Temple 

Cool Palm Tree

Sister Vela brought us to the temple. She is sooooo sweet!

 Christmas Tree Mom mailed me!

Christmas Decorations--- but NO SNOW.  

Hola Familia & Amigos :)

Yep, it rained once again!  We were in a flash flood warning and the roads were flooded. Later that day it was back to being dry, so we got pretty lucky and blessed with just enough rain! :)

We also got to ​go to the LA Temple, it is soooo pretty! :D It was the day before all the rain, great timing! We stopped at Pollo Loco on the way back, I think it should go nation-wide because it's such great food!! I had my first Papusa the other day at a member's house, from El Salvador, it's a homemade tortilla pocket with cheese or beans, then they put some spicy salad thing on top, with sauce, and it's soooooo yummy! :)

We had a fun Pday last week, I got to play a fun capture the flag with little bags of flour you throw to tag each other!  Then we got haircuts. We then had Noche de Hogar with the Ramirez-Family, a little tender mercy to end the day with more fun and good food! :) We've been visiting a lot of members this week.

We got to teach relief society Sunday, it was very fun! I talked a lot and shared a lot of scriptures; my Spanish is understandable at the very least! :) The ward is very small and I love them all so much! :)

One night when we got back, there was this helicopter super close and circling the neighborhood area, it had a beaming light just like in the movies, it was very exciting, until Hna Glauser told me it was probably because a fugitive was on the loose.....hahaha but we know we're safe, and the helicopter was still cool!

We were looking for a member's house (we were going around checking in on everything and checking out our area and inviting people to come back to church, etc.) and we made it to the address and there was this huuuuuge construction site, with the house torn down and all! It was very funny to see it, and we're only guessing but they probably don't live there anymore! :)

 We've been handing out the "He's the Gift" tarjetas and showing the video, it's very fun! Keep showing it to your friends and family, it is quite amazing! And we hope to have something just as awesome next year! :)

I looooove Christmas time and being a missionary is super fun! We see a different side to everything and it's very exciting! :) There are palm trees decorated everywhere and it's a little strange without snow and doesn't exactly feel like December, but it's very fun to be singing Christmas songs and seeing all the decorations and seeing more people interested in our Savior! :)

My favorite Christmas songs in Spanish are "A Medianoche Se Oyo" (it came upon a midnight clear) and "Campanas de Navidad" (I heard the bells) pretty much I love them so much we only sing those during companion study when I get to choose :) haha! Also, I really like sharing this Christmas scripture in the book of Mormon because I loooooove the names of the Savior (just like you, Mom!)

2 Nephi 19:6
"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given; and the government shall be upon his shoulders; and his name shall be called, Wonderful, Counselor, The Mighty God, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace"

I hope you all have a good week (for those in school, good luck with finals!) and enjoy your vacations and the Christmas Spirit! :) Love you all lots!

Love from,

Hermana Day

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