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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving Week in Burbank

PLEASE NOTE: Address update:

Hermana Rebekah Day
232 W Tujunga Ave, Apt # E
Burbank, Ca 91502 

​Hola, Buenos!
Thanksgiving meal was fun and very funny! the family we ate with had a giant TV right in front of the mesa (table) and so they all watched Ratatouille while we ate....hahaha! We ate an El Salvador meal---a turkey sandwich with 2 cucumbers, 2 tomatoes, 2 onions, 2 pieces of lettuce, and sauce. Then some ham and spicy mashed potatoes. The sauces they have are also VERRRRRYYYY spicy and homemade and I have to pretend like my mouth isn't on fire or about to explode or that my nose hairs aren't burning, but it's pretty fun too to be trying all these new foods! also homemade tortillas el major (the best!!!) 

THIS is the family we ate our 1st Thanksgiving meal with, they are so fun!

After that funny dinner we went and knocked on doors where a random family invited us in to eat with them!? what!? this culture is crazy cool! There were like 20 family members! We sat right down, ate ANOTHER meal and some pie, shared a message, then went home to wallow in stomach pains hahaha, I don't' think I've ever prayed for my stomach to be bigger so that I could eat food! :) 

We get a temple trip next week, ESO! :D :D
Saturday night, we were about to give up with contacting because no one was out and all the apartments were locked up and we just had noooo motivation. We decided to keep going because that's what you do as missionaries. I looked in my planner and had a random street name written down "Cahuenga" I couldn't remember why, but we decided to go check it out and give it a try anyway. as we were walking by all the gated up houses and complexes, we came across one that was left slightly open, so we decided to give it a try. we could smell some Latino food, and being hungry Spanish speaking missionaries, we followed the scent up the stairs to a door half open, we waved to the family in there and the mother came to the door, she told us to come right in and have dinner with them, we said we didn't want to interrupt and she said that she knew we were of God and had an important message to share and the least she could do was give us some food! when we walked in it was a very small place, and the family was the 2 parents and their son. they said they did not have very much food so they were using all their flour to make some tortillas and the rest of their veggies for a sauce. they gave us a tortilla with their salsa and a little cheese, and kept apologizing for not having beans or anything more, but we kept thanking them and telling them about how much they were going to be blessed! we then taught them the first lesson and the power of the spirit was amazing! they are a very spiritual family and really like prayer, their son is studying to be a preacher but is looking for a job right now because his dad can't work, because his dad hurt his leg a few months ago, but with lots of prayer the father is able to walk on his leg again and have help from the doctors--anyway, they're very spiritual and they enjoyed our message. we left them with the folleto to read and with the invitation to pray about these things and the truth of them. we left them with lots of thanks and blessings and will follow up with them this week again. It was an amazing experience! When you are diligent and just doing what you're supposed to be doing as a missionary, the spirit really will guide you to exactly where you need to be! the Lord truly is guiding His work and the experiences here first hand are amazing!! :) :) :)
 Before I go, I wanted to share a cool quote about Joseph Smith with you all!
"when I saw Joseph Smith, he took the heavens, figuratively speaking, and brought it down to earth; and he took earth and brought it up, and opened, in plainness and simplicity, the things of God, and that is the beauty of his mission" ~Brigham Young
Anyway, I thought that was a super cool quote (in the Ensign) and it testifies of how important Joseph Smith's mission as the first prophet was! I looooove the story of the Restoration, it all just makes sense! Of course God has called a prophet today to lead and guide us! Of course the authority of God is necessary and needed to be restored! Of course Joseph Smith is a prophet of God who re-established Christ's church on this earth once again! God loves us so much, of course he would give us another scripture (the Book of Mormon) to have the fullness of Christ's teachings! Anyway, I'm getting super excited right now from these super simple statements and don't have much time left. I know this gospel is true! Our Savior loves us so much and we are so blessed to have the fullness of the gospel in our lives today!
Keep being awesome, I love you all tons!
Love from,
Hermana Day

My Companion, Hermana Glauser

Outside our Apt E, in Burbank, CA

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