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Sunday, October 26, 2014

"the Flu Plague" has hit!

My ankle is doing a lot better, my ace bandage is OFF! Yay! And now I just get it taped before playing, which I've been biking and playing basketball soon and later today I'll start up volleyball again yay! It's still a little swollen but it's not bruised anymore or as giant! Yay! :) Missionary blessings!

Having an iPad is super cool too! We get to FaceTime our "investigators" and it's pretty funl! 

Our district has "the plague" and yesterday only 5 of us were in class! The flu is spreading, but luckily I've been in my little bubble of an amazing immune system (hope to keep it that way.)

We move up to Main Campus on Wednesday, which will be my new PDAY, and it's crazy because West Campus is amazing!  They're rebuilding a bunch of places at Main to add more green parks and stuff just like here at West and it'll be amazing! We also get to take a photo walking out all cool like of the West Campus Cafe, and then they'll be a photo of the first missionaries walking in with a photo of the last missionaries walking out and that's me! We're part of history! Awesome :) 

Anyway, lots has happened this week and I'm learning a lot, espescially how to put trust in the Lord and strengthen your faith in Him! I'm gaining an even greater testimony of how the Lord has a plan for EACH of us and He loves and watches over us every moment of every day! 

I love hearing from you guys! 

Love from,

Hermana Day

P.S-We had a devotional with 2 NFL players who are LDS  this last week, Chad Lewis, and then some guy with a crazy last name that started with a K.  Chad Lewis totally knocked the Patriots and how they lost and my district cracked up because I had just worn my Patriot t-shirt that morning for gym haha :)  

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