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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Bargaining Ice Breaker Duos for Mt Dew Code Red-- oh yeah!

Oh, qué una semana! It´s flown by, even though the days can go by really slow! But it´s also been sooooo amazing! The MTC is absolutely amazing!! I love it here, and I can´t believe that I am halfway done here! I´m learning a LOT and it sure is preparing me for the field! Which I´m getting more excited for each day, especially because I can totally check the weather on my missionary portal and it´s ´´getting colder,´´ as in 85s haha, oh goodness! It will be super exciting because half my distrito is going to SanFern too and it´ll be nice to see them throughout my mission and have that touch of " MTC home"! 

This week, on Miércoles (Wednesday) we spoke in Spanish for a whole, constant 24 HOURS! Viviendo la vida loca! It was awesome!! I learned a bunch of new words and learned how much I really do know, so that was super cool! Now we´re all HSI (habla en su idioma aka speak your language, SLY) a lot more often and it´s really cool because sometimes I don´t even notice that I´m speaking Spanish or thinking in Spanish or listening to Spanish because it just comes! How awesome is that! I´m able to listen to my maestros and investigators and I don´t have to ´translate 'into English for my thoughts/mind to understand, I just hear Spanish and know what it means! It's super cool! Speaking is a little more difficult, but this week I've learned that as long as I've used my study and prep time effectively and have focused on studying vocab and practicing, then it's all up to the Holy Ghost and the Lord, because I've prepared and am ready for the lesson, the Spirit will give me the words to say and what to say and the language to say it in! It's actually super awesome, because sometimes I don't really know (grammar and structure and tense wise) exactly what I'm saying in Spanish, but it makes sense! It's pretty cool! I've also been learning how to just go with what the Spirit tells me to teach and not just sticking to the lesson plan, and it's been so amazing! We've been asking more questions and listening more intently to our investigators, and then we teach them the doctrine they need to know while "molding" it into emphasis with the things important to them! It's super cool and has really been helping our lessons! :)

Okay,fun stuff:

Chistoso histoarias de esta semana: 

 On our ride back to West Campus on Sunday night, some Hermanas and Elders across from me asked what happened to my ankle and I started to stay I was playing volleyball and I--" and then they busted up laughing and an elder goes "Oh we've heard about you! You dove for the ball and sprained both your ankles at the same time!" and then another Elder says "You're like a legend on west campus, and a reason for the rest of us not to dive for the ball!" hahaha it was sooo hilarious that they knew the story of my ankle! Just too good! 

·         We were teaching Adrian the other day, and I rock paper scissored Elder Jensen to see who got to go last (more time to prep haha) which apparently I do "rock paper scissors" wrong, which is a joke itself--they say like 1, 2, rock/paper/scissor and I say 1/2/3/shoot and it's funny, they're trying to teach me "the right way"--anyway, I lost (because it was unanimous that I do it wrong) and we had to go first haha, which isn't actually that bad, and we had an AMAZING lesson with Adrian!! We walk out, about 30 minutes later, and then the Elders go in and walk out 5 MINUTES later! We busted up laughing when we found out that there was a time limit, and apparently when the Elders walked in Adrian said he only had about 5 minutes hahaha so now the Elders are afraid of letting us go first again because Hermana Woods and I just looove talking! Oh just too good! :) 

 Sometimes my new companion Hermana Woods and I are super exhausted and we fall asleep during free time and everyone finds it hilarious, little do they know we can actually hear them because we are skilled in the arts of relaxing our eyes and still hearing what's going on! Don't worry though, we've been working on effectively using our time more and use mints to wake us up and take walks to get our brains working! 

·         Thanks for the duos last time, we looooooooooove them all so much!!! I've bargained with Elder Jensen for a mountain dew code red! sweeeeet! :) Anyway, those duos are like gold here and everyone loves them and it helps us missionaries stay awake during studies haha :)

·         I don't think I'll cut my hair because braids are super nice! We'll see how long I can last with long hair in the field haha :)

I have been blessed with an amazing friendly district here at the MTC, with amazing teachers, and an amazing elearn for the language! I love the MTC sooo much and it sure is preparing me for the field! Being a missionary so far has been awesome, there's a lot of work and a lot I can be doing better, but I'm also putting my talents to great work and learning so much more! It's truly amazing! I think this week has been the strongest week where I've really felt the Spirit guiding me, teaching me, teaching through me, and proving to me not only the love from home and the love here, but also working the love of this missionary work into my heart! It truly is amazing and I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity and for this wonderful gospel in my life! It changes lives and brings an everlasting happiness! The Lord is watching over you all and there are blessings everywhere! Keep smiling and keep laughing and keep learning! :)

I love you all lots! Thanks for all the love and support! Big hugs!!!

Hermana Day <3

P.S. thanks for the cinnamon rolls and notes Aunt Sara! :) <3

P.P.S Only DearElder or Snail-Mail me until October 30th because then we move to Main Campus and on Nov 3rd we go to San Fernando!

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