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Monday, October 6, 2014

Hermana Day, Week 2


The MTC is amazing! This week has been so great! Also, once you make it past the first Sunday, it is sooooo spiritually uplifting and amazing! The first few days go by slow, but this week has just flown by!!! I can't believ i'm already on day 12! (or around there?? my enlglish is bad and i guess so is my counting now too! haha) anyway, tons and tons of fun here!!! The days are long with lots of work and lots of studying and learning but es muy bueno and I love it a lot!! 

This week we finished teaching our first investigator, Miguel, and we did alright, he's interested in baptism but wants to learn a little more about the "rules" of being mormon, so i think it ended pretty well. The gift of tongues is sooooo real!!!!  [We] can talk some, but most of the time the spanish comes to me! it's hard, but it's coming! and it's awesome!! Also, "Miguel" is TOTALLY OUR TEACHER NOW! His real name is Hermano Mace and he is sooooo funny, and he just talks in spanish the whole time too, but that really helps! So Hermano Mace and Hermana Valdez are our teachers, and next week they are our investigators! Next week we also to TRC, which is skyping with investigadors and members in all spanish!! AHH!!! But it'll be fun! ANd I absolutely loooooove planning lessons and learning the new vocab for them!!! 

speaking of which! I GOT AN IPAD MINI!!!!!!!! We get to use them for EVERYTHING (missionary wise haha) We use it as our planners, our calendars, and we use gospel library--which has EVERYTHING! Mormon messages, scriptures, all languages, oh it's amazing!!!! And we take notes on there for everything too, its' SOOOOOO COOOL!!!!! We will be getting them out in the field, where we might even be training people how to use them too! AWESOME! We're the first in San Fernando to be getting ipads, and we might get Facebook too but we don't know yet, it depends on our mission presidents and how using ipads goes! haha, anyway it's super awesome!! i use it for everything!! (including some of this email!!!) There's only certain apps we're allowed, and we're trying to convince them to have add a few more apps (like Evernote, and scripture mastery and such)

Okay, so Funny stories of esta semana:

So on last saturday, we did our laundry but we completely forgot about it and left it in the dryer, so around 8:30 pm after class, the Elders are talking about laundry and then you just hear me go, "CRAP!" hahaha it was soooo funny, and the Elders laughed even harder when they found out it was because we forgot our laundry haha!

Also, we were teaching our investigador on Thursday at 1:30 and we
went outside to practice some and then came back to the class room
around 1:12 and when we walked in the Elder Jenson was like "Ahh,
Hermana Day!! Miguel is already here!! His appointment was at 1, not
1:30! He's been here for about 15 minutes just waiting for you!" And
Elder Seversike was like "We looked everywhere for you but couldn't
find you anywhere outside!" Then Elder Southwick and Elder Day, with
all their stuff, are like "yeah, we were just about to go in and take
your time so he wouldn't have to keep waiting!" So we were freaking
out, grabbing all of our materials, and then we race back to our
teaching room and... Miguel wasn't even there yet!!! Turns out he was
coming at 1:30 and the Elders just busted up laughing, it was such a
good joke!! And they were sooo good at acting! Later they admitted to
planning out the joke in great detail so that they would actually be
able to trick us haha, so funny!

Also, i keep getting amazing packages (THANKS FOR THE GENERAL CONFERENCE GOODIES AUNT SARA!!!:) and there happens to be an Elder Day in our distric too, so he checked the mail the other day and there was a package slip that wasn't circed for "hermana" or "elder" so he got super excited and tried to pick up the package, but they laughed and told him that it was totally for hermana day, and they assumed we knew that by now. Haha too funny! It was really just my shirts and gym capris, THANKS MOM! They're great!

Soooo I check the four square gym dome everyday and on thursday it was
actually open!!! So I got my district and some new districts in our
zone to start a game off our square, there are like 4 battle zones
painted on the floor so you never have to wait long for your turn, and
if you are sick of four square (but let's be honest, everyone loves
four square) then there's also basketball courts in the dome also!
Four square is awesome and now we've added it to our gym schedule
because we're all crazy good at it! Sometimes they have to close it
down because people get too competitive haha so we usually play
volleyball instead. I'm not too great at volleyball, but my serves go
in and I can at least hit the ball back over the net, and everyone
else there is like Pro, but it's still fun to play. Hah one day I
totally went for the ball up at net but it hit me right in the face
instead and it actually went back over the net and my side won the
point, it was pretty  sweet (and hilarious because my forehead bruised

Also our mission president, President Stewart, looks just like the
Master turtle (can't remember his name, sorry!) from Kung Fu Panda,
like the resemblance is uncanny and just plain awesome. He's so funny
and just so adorable, also his wife is so sweet and she actually
complimented me on my singing voice--which at first I just figured it
was because she heard my companion singing and mistaked it for me but
later I got complimented again, so apparently the Spirit hear also
just hope me sing more in tune haha seriously though when you sing
hymns, the spirit is sooooo strong! For our MTC devotional on Tuesday
we sung Joseph Smith's First prayer a few times and oh what am amazing
and strong witness of the truth of the restoration through her spirit

For conference today, we have watched the first session (IT WAS AWESOME!! THey announced Uchtdorf was the next speaker and the whole congregation did like a fist pump with a "yessssss") I LOVE CONFERENCE!!! 

Love you all lots and lots! this work is amazing and I'm loving it! there's a lot to learn, but i know that the lord is watching over us and i know that this gospel blesses our lives!!!

Being a missionary is awesome and I love you all so much! 

Also, Thanks for the letter Gramma Sherman and for the email Gramma Day! Lots you lots, good to hear from you!!<33


Hermana Day

Hermana Day & Hermana Morse, Provo West Campus

What Smiles!

Ahh!  I got an Ipad mini!

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