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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Week 1 Hermana Day at the MTC

Rebekah's Companion, HermanaMorse 

Hola mi familia y everyone! 

Oh boy, where to start! I loooooooove the MTC!!!!    THANK YOU SO MUCH PACK & DAY FAMILY!!  and it actually turns out I needed a bus to West campus, and then I was actually late, so I just went straight to class, but esta bien! I have 12 people in my district, a trio of hermanas going to Tempe AZ, a companionship of elders going to Tempe, a trio of elders going to San Ferndando, CA, and 4 of us hermanas going to San Ferndando also! All four of us, Hermanas Morse, Legesee, and Woods live in an apartment together and Hermana Morse is mi companera! She is super sweet and fun, along with all the other hermanas in my district! The Elders are awesome too and we're a pretty great district!! We are District A, so we call ourself "Distrito Amor" because we all have fun and are super kind! 

My teacher is Heramana Valdarez, who actually happens to be the same tutor as the one I had on Elearn pre-MTC!! So that's super awesome!! Also, we'll be getting iPads soon and we have an additional study time every day where we can go online and use the Elearn and such, which is pretty cool! We also take assessments every now and then and will continue to do so in the field! Anyway, super fun!

West campus is great because everyone is soo nice to each other and we all say "hola" and "como le va" and talk to each other, so that's awesome! we also can go to Brigham's Landing to eat whenever we want, and we also have these super cool place for gym time that look like giant white domes that are full of experiments that are being conducted, but turns out it's really just basketball courts, volleyball, and ellipitcals/bikes/such. There's also a 4-square "battle room" but that's currently closed down, however my district is so going to do it when its open! I really like gym time because after sitting down pretty much every day, getting to run is fun! Volleyball is very popular, so I've really just been using the elliptical and playing some basketball!

West campus is super fun and really pretty, and we can keep everything in our classrooms because that's pretty much where we always are! I got about 10 pounds worth of books, but they are very useful! Also, the WYview apartments we are in are really sweet! I have like a walk in closet, but i'm also on the top bunk, so I guess I deserve the huge closet, jaja! There isn't much time at the end of the day, but I looooove getting mail so thank you sooo much everyone who's been sending me dealelders and thank you Aunt Sara for the amazing packages of goodies! I and my district loooooved them!!<3

 Speaking of which, we finally got our district leader the other day, Elder Southwick, and only he can check the mail so when we finally got our DL, the first thing I asked him to do was get my mail, and he thought I was joking when I said I had a few I was waiting to read already (it was only day 3!) But he brought us our mail and handed me about 15 letters and 2 package slips and oh it was hilarious! He was like "Oh Hermana Day, people sure do love you!" So thank you everyone, I looove getting the letters and I can feel all your love and support and it really motivates me! It puts a huge smile on my face just reading about home, thanks family for sending some practically everyday!!<3 I can't always respond to them right away, and I"ll probably write back because that's a little easier! But you can also email me because I print those out on Pdays after the temple and read them!! :) Also, our zone sister leaders in training our my campanion hermana morse and hermana chirstensen! And in 4 weeks we are being transferred to Main Campus because they are starting to move everyone off of West Campus because they may not need it any more! what!!!?? anyway, that will be interesting--going from a fun place and nice apartment to dorms and lots of people! but it'll be like a real transfer too haha!

I feel the Spirit constantly and every time I start to feel stressed or down, I am immediatley lifted up eiither by a testmiony, a letter, a scripture, a prayer, and so many more ways! I looove it! Schedules are busy but I love schedules and being busy, so, just like you said Dad and Mom, I am practically meant for the MTC! There is so much love and kindness too and it just makes me soo happy! I mentioned before that I really like gym time, but I love being the classroom learning spanish even more! Yes, I'm probably crazy! But let me tell you, the gift of tongues is REAL! My teacher speaks ONLY in spanish when she is teaching us but from the moment I got here and prayed for the gift of tongues and interpretations of tongues, I have understood about 98% of what she is saying!!! The language has definitly become one of my strengths! I already know how to pray, testify, and say most casual conversation things. I can teach an investigator how to pray and I can read and understand a lot but not all of el libro de mormon! I took an assessment yesterday and the counselor said I was way ahead of my game and knew how to use and conjuagte verbs and he liked how I could speak fast but still get the pronounciaction down (haha the only time i've ever been complimented on my fast speaking!!) When my companion took her assessment, she told me the counselor asked who her companion was and when she said Hermana Day, he said "oh, she is just so nice and happy! I wish I could be that nice" haha  I don't even know what I did but I'm glad I have that spirit of happiness and kindness around me! it really touched my heart to hear that! Also, Hermana BIshop in my district is super sweet and she loves complimenting people and she always knows just when to compliment and what to say to me! It really lifts my mood! Also, it's something I should probably start doing too because it's so great! 

Okay! Some funny stories now!
On Thursday, Hermana Morse and I were heading to class "People & Your Purpose Part II" (the first one was great! so we were super excited!) and so we followed the majority of our distrito on to the Ryde (a bus that takes us to Main Campus) and then we got off and walked towards main campus and I was like "oh, distrito, I am so excited for this class, it was so great last night adn todays will probably be even better" and they were like "wait, we're here for immunizations, class is back on west campus!" And we all just started cracking up! Oops! But it doesnt end there! They all went to finish their immunizations and Hermana Morse and I really wanted to get back to class so we decided to wait for the bus where we were dropped off (one comes on the 5 and the 30) and so we're waiting for about 40 minutes and then we see a bus come ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD!!!!  And it drives right by us! jajaja! Go figure!! So we decide to go ask information desk if there's any other bus but no we have to wait another 30 minutes for the next bus, so we head back and go to the right side of the road where the bus stop really is and we see a bus DROP OFF A BUNCH OF MISSIONARIES! Right where we were before! So we didn't miss just one bus, we missed 2!! jaja! So we waited at the real bus stop and then everyone from immunization came back and waiting with us, so we hoped we were right! Some hermanas were going towards where we were dropped off because they didn't see us and the bus was coming around the corner so they had to run! it was funny! and then we got on the bus and the driver was sooo confused because we were missionaries, and it was a BYU bus, but he was super nice and dropped us off at west campus anyway!! jaja so funny!

And, that same day, after companion study (prepping for our investigador lesson for friday) we had to run back to our apartment and the other hermanas told us our branch meeting was in our class room. so we were running a little late and starting "jogging" down to our class room and a car pulls over to talk to us and it's our Branch Counselors, who went our searching for us because we were mislead looking for the classroom and no one knew where we were! Jaja, so we got a ride with our Branch Counselors and it was funny how we got lost twice in one day! But we've definitley learned our lessons to check our schedules and maps, and also to always double check where something is held! 

Also, and this is a common one, we started testifying yesterday and to say sins the word is "pecado" but someimes we slip up and say "pescado" which is actually fish. So we always laugh when that happens because you're accidentally saying "I know that Jesus Christ atoned for our fish" and oh it's just so silly! So we have to be careful! Anyway, like i said, I love learning spanish, especially how to teach the gospel in spanish, and it's like my favorite part of the day which is good because it's most of the day! jaja!

Love and big hugs from,
Hermana Day

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