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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Starting my Last 2 weeks in the Sunshine State as a missionary!

On top of the building
President and Sister Henrie

Rowr! My dino sweatshirt!


Bear Grylls would say, "It's a jungle out there!"


Feb 29th-March 14th, 2016

Hey familia!

The last couple weeks have been full of missionary adventures -- as always! A cute little girl was baptized yesterday and we got to bear our testimonies and sing some songs. Also got to sing in ward conference and continued with my piano playing. We did some community service this week and we talked to another 1,000+ people this month! Pretty epic! 

We had an amazing dinner -- Korean barbeque -- with the Sevilla family the other night, they are so amazing and their desire to go to the temple and be able to raise a good family is exemplar! Oh and I could pretty much study the scriptures all day if I could.

One thing I love about being a mission is that 100% of my time is literally dedicated to OTHERS! I love being able to drop everything about myself and just SERVE! I feel as if I'm always "on call" to go give a hug, a pep talk, advice, spiritual uplifting, shoulder to lean on, or someone to listen to. I really love it! I feel like my gifts and talents are truly being used to help others and strengthen me to the divine potential and plan I know the Lord has! 

We had a really amazing conversation with someone, we knocked his door the other day. He was quite intelligent and had some amazing insights. I learned that spirituality is mental and inner strength. I also learned that sometimes we are asking and asking and asking for an answer or comfort, etc., and we're looking at only one angle or directions -- we need to take a step back and look left and right and see the whole picture. That's when we realize that the answer is right in front of us! ​

Love ya'll! See you soon.....

Con carino,

Hermana Day

Some other things I've learned and thought I'd share:

·         Be in-tune with spiritual promptings and aware of what will draw you away from the Holy Ghost. Act upon promptings!
·         Be focused with your purpose. To serve and to be a disciple of Christ!
·         Be disciplined and accountable to yourself. Make and follow guidelines. Stay away from potential danger! Be disciplined and have self-control.
·         Be one with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ's purpose. Let devices help not distract.

Process for Overcoming Temptation when you feel vulnerable:
·         Be aware and acknowledge 
·         Choose to act

·         Learn and improve

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