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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Making Plans

Hermanas Nelson and Day Tracting

Choco Cake from Elders

Fort Fun
Hola Hola Familia!

There's a course on-line called "my plan for soon to be returning missionaries" and we do like little studies and come up with goals and plans ch so we can still remember how amazing our missions are but also be able to live life toward "the best to come." It's still strange to think that I'm at this stage! 

I'm really glad the BYU apartment worked out! :) I've finished the scholarship forms and I've been looking at classes for fall semester. The Lord truly does guide our steps!

Dina was confirmed yesterday by the elders and she's super amazing! I love her so much and she's so grateful for the gospel in her life and is already preparing and excited for the temple! 

On Saturday the Relief Society called and told us to come over for the activity to help them out -- we were thinking food or something. But then I walked in and they were all like "yay our pianist!"

It's been an odd week work wise and we've had a lot of ups and downs every day. On Saturday the Lord sent us someone to help us out.... we were sooooo done with contacting and being rejected and didn't know what to do to boost each other up and right as we were pushed to our limits....we knocked on a door and met a large, semi-high, Jewish Nazarene. He let us in the complex....pointed us to all his neighbors that spoke Spanish...and watched us go and contact them and then he would contact them after us and tell them to visit the website and listen to us more. Then he even ended up knocking doors with us as we would say , "Hi....we're the missionaries from the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints ... and we're here to share a message of his restored gospel…and this is…guy . . . "  It was hilarious! He filled our bags up with candy and chocolates too. It was super funy and just what we needed to get through the final hour of knock-out! 

Yesterday at church I become best friends with a little 9yr old investigator in the ward and helped him get to class. Gave him some paper and stuff to color on and I got like a notebook full of doodles back ;) the Lord knows how to make each of us smile and what we need! 

I'm putting together a post-mission notebook thing and wanted to share some goals I have. A lot of people return from their missions and reflect back on how amazing it was and how boring/different/weird life is as a returned missionary. I don't want to be stuck there. So I'm making some decisions now -- because we all know, to make decisions before is what puts them into action and leads to accomplishment!

Anyway, post mission: 

-I will have an amazing friendship circle like I do here
-I will strengthen my relationship with my family
-I will continue to feel good as an individual
-I will accomplish my dreams and goals and align my will with the lord's
-I will continue to be faithful
-I will continue to be happy and have adventures every day

Okay, okay, enough is enough.

Love ya'll! Con carino, Hermana Day 

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