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Wednesday, July 8, 2015


See? My ice pack taped to my head.
It's been a hot week.

So hot, i ended up getting a super crazy fever and getting suuuuper red and out of breath on monday, tuesday AND wednesday... 

tuesday we thought it was food poisoning because of how fatigued and gross feeling i felt, but it wasn't.....anyway, elders brought over some ginger ale and tylenol... 

but since then i've had a headache and dizzyness. i've been wearing my glasses to help focus things more and we've been taking breaks and making sure i'm eating enough (because when it's hot i don't like to eat) and getting plenty water (and gatorade for Electrolytes.)

anyway, eventually we called the mission nurse.....she said i was getting the first signs of heat stroke and to take it easier on myself--take some breaks thoughout the day, go from biking to walking, take breaks in the shade, do some work inside in the AC, etc. which explains why the tylenol wasn't helping my headache....

anyway, then the elders came over freaaaaaking out because turns out it's a serious thing, and they tried to convince me to just take a few breaks during the day. They gave me a blessing for my dizziness and it brought a lot of comfort -- blessed to know how to listen to my body and still complete all the work the lord has for me here in the area. Pretty sweet. Still a little dizzy but I have my focus and don't push myself too crazy hard if it's over 100 degrees. 

I can't even describe how hot it is, but ti's nothing my body has ever endured hahaha!!

Love you tons! looks like we figured out this heat thing before it gets even hotter -.-

on a side note, our new mission president is awesome!  :)

Fireworks outside of a store

Muscle Car

Zone and New Mission President, wife, and daughter


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