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Monday, November 10, 2014

Hunger Games and David Archuleta


The MTC is great!  At main campus they have "announcements" at the end of the day that make it sound like we're in the Hunger Games as they list off the names of missionaries, no joke

I'm on Main Campus now and it's a little strange how different thing are but I was sure blessed with West Campus and it's not toooo bad here :) My district all left on Monday--they're doing great! It's so nice to be keeping in touch with them! Also, Hermana Woods found out that my first transfer is going to be in BURBANK!!!! AHHHH!!!!!! :) :) :)  

I was bumped up to an intermediate Spanish class, with a new district and a new zone....IT'S BEEN AWESOME :) I have been SOOOOO blessed! 

My new companions, and the only Sisters in our Zone, are Hermana Strong (from California, just barely east of my mission!) and Hermana Jackson (from Utah) and they are so sweet! Hermana Jackson is quiet but she's amazing at Spanish! Hermana Strong (Fuerte en espanol) is supes good at Spanish too and she's really nice too  

Also, the branch presidency is super awesome and we're allowed to high five and fist bump elders here, YESSSSS! Also, as for Spanish, I can understand A LOT but speaking takes a little more time because sometimes I just like to speak fast but need to work on pronunciation (hmmm just like in English hahaha). whole district LOOOOOOOOVES to sing!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahaha, they've convinced me my voice isn't terrible and I'm allowed to sing with them. They're auditioning for a devotional this week--or, I should say, WE are! Ah! Anyway, music IS amazing! For choir this week we're singing Praise to the Man, one of my favorite hymns ever!!! I can't wait to see who is coming! Because it's practically holiday season, awesome people are expected! For Relief society we had the YW General President! She's awesome! :)

The Elders have been teaching...wait for it...DAVID ARCHULETA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So the other day, they hid him in the corner of the room so people couldn't see him, but my hermanas and i waited for our prey--i mean, our room to open up, and it happened to be by the room the Elders were teaching David Archuleta in and when they shook hands WE MADE EYE CONTACT WITH DAVID ARCHULETA AND HE WAVED AT US!!!!!!!!!!! So go check out his Glorious video from "Meet the Mormons" on youtube because it gives me chills and it so amazing, and remember that I made eye contact with him and we're practically best friends now! 

Thank you for all the emails and dear elders! I now have JSH memorized and am working on D&C 4 and I'm reading so much of my Spanish Book of Mormon everyday, it's awesome! I love these wonderful opportunities, these wonderful people, and this wonderful spirit that the Lord has blessed me with here!

LOVE YOU ALL! The Lord loves us so much

Love from,

Hermana Day :) 

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